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  1. arakele

    Post your latest oil change

    2019 Honda Odyssey out: Dealer bulk 0w20, OEM Honda Filter in: 0w20 Castrol Magnatec, OEM Honda Filter
  2. arakele

    Old wix 51516

    I worked for Big A. When they sold to Carquest in 98 they had to sell off a few stores and distribution centers to AllPro Auto Parts. My wharehouse become AllPro/AutoValue/BumperToBumper. Definitely an old filter!
  3. arakele

    Oversized subtitute for FRAM ph6607?

    7317 size works great in the 6607 application, the wix 51347 is even longer but may not fit length wise for some applications.
  4. arakele

    Filter cutters

    I ordered one of these, but mine came with a pair of fancy gloves
  5. arakele

    Worst oil you've ever used?

    I wouldn't call it a bad oil, millions of people use it, but everytime I have used Mobile1, it makes the top end loud. Doesn't matter the car. Last time I tried it was over 10 years ago, but I did recently pickup a bottle of the AFE 0w20 for the wifes new van to try it again. If it makes noise...
  6. arakele

    06 Infiniti M45 (VK45DE) oil suggestions

    I don't know about the V8s, but every Nissan VQ V6 I have had was much quieter running 0w40 Castrol Edge.
  7. arakele

    [Cut Open] Fram Drive FD7317 (Virgin)

    Yeah I hate they got rid of 7317 when they moved to champ from wix.
  8. arakele

    [Cut Open] Fram Drive FD7317 (Virgin)

    I have not been paying attention, apparently these are exclusive to AAP and pushing out the Carquest Red filters? Does seem like an orange SuperTech with a 2$ Orange Tax. still looks better than an ExtraGuard though.
  9. arakele

    went to honda dealer to get filter

    We bought a 2019 Odyssey last weekend from a local Honda dealer and they gave me the service records from when they took it in on trade. They changed the oil with bulk synthetic 0w20 and used the 15400-rta-003. Not sure if they are using up "old" stock, but they didn't use the A02. I bought a...
  10. arakele

    Post your latest oil change

    It should, the base is a tad bit wider on the 3593a, but most Honda guys seem to interchange the 7317/3593a often. I think they are the same capacity, with the 3593a being shorter (not as short as the 6607) and wider, and the 7317 being taller. If it's not a Honda I would just make sure the oil...
  11. arakele

    Post your latest oil change

    The Nissans used a short and long filter, but they both work with other. Sometimes indy shops will just stock one or the other. The 6607 is the shorty vs the 7317 long boi
  12. arakele

    Post your latest oil change

    2012 Nissan Xterra - Out - Castrol Magnatec 5w30, Denso 150-2006 In - Castrol Edge 0w40, OEM Nissan 15208-9E01A
  13. arakele

    VQ37 oil recommendation

    Everyone I know with a Nissan VQ engine who has tried 5w40 or 0w40 hasn't gone back to 5w30.
  14. arakele

    WIX 51358xp long version???

    They are both within the Nissan spec for PSI. As long as it can physically fit, either short/long filter can be used.
  15. arakele

    WIX 51358xp long version???

    The 358 is the smallest, 356 is the longer OEM Nissan size, the 347 is the longest I have found that will work. It is about 4.5 inches long.
  16. arakele

    What’s your filter for beater car/ seldom driven vehicle?

    Wix or a wix made (Napa, Microguard, CQ Blue, etc). I hate the SuperTechs moved away from wix. That was a great deal for 3$
  17. arakele

    OCI for my Frontier

    Yep I only keep the 7317 style on hand even though my wife's calls for the 6607. I have a wix 51347 on hand for my next OC on the XTerra . It's about 5 inches long I stead of 3.5 like the 7317.
  18. arakele

    OCI for my Frontier

    The 4cyl takes the 6607 sized filter, the 4.0 takes the larger 7317 filter. To the OP I run Castrol in my VQ40 with no issues
  19. arakele

    Can’t explain to the elderly that they don’t need an oil change after 8mo/23 miles.

    My mom rarely drives, less than 2k a year unless she happens to take a road trip somewhere. When I found out she was getting the oil changed every 3 months I told her to stop and I will pay for her oil change materials and do it myself on a yearly basis instead. Been doing that about 10 years now.