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    Took 3 nails to one of my ecopias during

    I wouldn't think you would have any problems at all, I've plugged several nail holes in the past without issue...
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    Toyota ATF WS in ATF +4?

    I would stick with atf+4, cheap enough at wm...
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    New Tattoo- Superbee inspired

    Why!! You do realize, assuming you live this long, but you will be 80 years old with that junk on your body one day... I promise you will regret it when your older!!
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    Russian ammo and rifling

    Just make sure to clean your firearm thoroughly after use, they are very corrosive and dirty...
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    front end question

    Sounds like bad CV joints for sure...
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    7,000 miles on oil... change before trip?

    I have no doubt it would be okay either way, but if it where me I would change it, for many reasons, but the main one is the old OCD!!
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    Cutting open oil filter...?

    lol, yeah this was a new one for me too. I kept seeing all these post about filters and would open one up and see all these pics of cut open oil filters and thought to my self w.t.f! Of course now, I have done my own filter cutting and have been looking for another one to inspect, great forum...
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    post your latest differential fluid change

    01 300M 120k miles originally added Royal Purple 75w90 Max gear, unfortunately I had a little bit of a whine. I drained and refilled with Oreilly's Master Pro GL-5 80w90 and has been perfect ever since... Now I have about a quart of Royal Purple Max Gear sitting around begging to be used, maybe...
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    Hyundai 26300-35503 filter cut open

    Well I'd imagine so, don't think he'd put a rusty filter on.. <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15" width="15" />
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    Recycling tranny fluid to power steering?

    Thanks everyone, new fluid it is!
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    Fluid flush for TH-700 and TH-200

    Wow, that's your wife's vehicle! Man she sounds like one hot mamma!
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    Recycling tranny fluid to power steering?

    Okay, this may be a dumb idea, but I want to throw it out there. I did a pan drop and filter change a couple of weeks ago on my transmission. My system holds 9.3 quarts and I used 6qt on refill. Now today I'm going to drain what I can out through the installed drain plug and refill to get as...
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    Not stopping when shifting into drive....

    Not sure if it hurts the tranny, but I never do it and often yell at the wife if I catch her doing it. To me just seems like it could damage the car..
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    Wow! Hope the money was worth it...
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    Rear brake sound when stopping in reverse

    Maybe check your exhaust hangers, sometimes the rubber will stretch out and your exhaust pipe will rub something underneath the vehicle.
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    2004 VW New Beetle ATF question

    I would definitely change the fluid, this will be the best way to have proper fluid when the vehicle warms up. Edit: just a drain and fill, not a flush...
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    Study says smelling farts can be good for you

    I take a lot of pride in some of the ones I let rip... Everyone likes a good stinky [censored] every once in a while!
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    01 300m pan drop filter change, 6qt Valvoline atf+4. Installed Dorman drain valve. Couple 1000 miles and will drain and refill again. System holds 9.3qts...
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    Post your latest oil change

    Quaker state defy SS 10w30 out K&N pro series oil filter out Mobil 1 HM FS 10w30 in 5 quarts Mopar oil filter in
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    You would not think this could happen

    Wow, what bad luck... Hope it comes out at your next oc.