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  1. Thermo1223

    How weird is this- I enjoy watching Lawernce Welk video's on youtube early Sunday mornings

    Now my appreciation of Star Search, This Old House, & The New Yankee Workshop don't seem so weird anymore. Thanks Pop-Pop. Also I can tolerate Matlock, In The Heat of The Night, and I mean who doesn't love the original "Law & Order"? Thanks Nana There is hope for us yet. :ROFLMAO:
  2. Thermo1223

    Why the hate for ethanol from an engineering perspective?

    This^ I ran it a number of times in a fairly mundane E85 vehicle and while it seemed to perform a little better and was cheaper per gallon. The ROI with fuel economy really was just a break even on pure highway MPG. In the city it would be far worse and was especially in the winter. Also factor...
  3. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    I would imagine you could but don't know if you should. 😅
  4. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    If those use a power vent I doubt it as it would blow the pilot out. Luckily I still have the standing pilot.
  5. Thermo1223

    Tdi intercooler icing - damage?

    That was the 3.5l Ecoboost fix if I remember correctly.
  6. Thermo1223

    Fun at the DMV

    I swear someone in PA would complain mine was done on a typewriter, cause ya know 1983 and all. "It looks fake!" "Did you print this out?"
  7. Thermo1223

    Fun at the DMV

    That explains everything I encountered about driving in VA. j/k😁
  8. Thermo1223

    Fun at the DMV

    They wouldn't unless they were dual citizenship. The rules for getting a passport are even more strict than a real ID I think. I guess they figure if you can get a passport than you must be who you really say you are! I like you dreaded the whole real ID thing however it was quite possible the...
  9. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    Update: Used the one I bought locally which required some "finessing" but ideally hooked up without issue and seems to hold a much more accurate water temp. This means my old one was on its way out for a bit apparently just based on that. New one has a metal cover on the temp sensor vs. the...
  10. Thermo1223

    What are you doing right now?

    Cigar time and boxing with the neighbors. Beer most likely but there may be bourbon involved. I work Sunday so being up late is bad enough without the bourbon hangover. 😅
  11. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    The original to the house when we moved in(2009) was built in '91 but it rusted to the point it breached the center flue. 20 yrs seems like a good life tank wise but they didn't live in the house when we bought it. So it went unused a lot plus water quality is always a factor.
  12. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    I did a DBL take on pricing out a new 50 gal. Gas unit. I don't remember what I paid at Sears but I doubt it was more than $500.
  13. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    I mean, I got 12 years out of the first one. Like any part there is always a MTBF.
  14. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    My next step when I have a free moment at work. They seem identical other than the newer 3 led indicator vs. just one color.
  15. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    Yes the expensive one was a whole kit that I got locally since no one seems to have that exact valve or it's replacement. For what it's worth the Kenmore is just a rebranded A.O. Smith from what i've learned.
  16. Thermo1223

    Idaho College Killer Suspect Arrested

    It did make a favorite local watering hole I go to newsworthy. Hell I may have been sitting next to him at the bar and never realized it.
  17. Thermo1223

    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    I bought this Kenmore water heater from Sears back in 2011. Well the gas valve is having the 5 flash "internal sensor error" issue which means replacement. The gas valve was discontinued but another replacement exists. I can't get in locally only online and I can't tell how much that won't work...
  18. Thermo1223

    Why are there holes in the cross hatched area of an oil dipstick?

    I'm believing this as truth from now on and telling everyone I can. You can't lie to me anymore *insert auto maker*.
  19. Thermo1223

    Under the valve cover - 2002 Outback H6

    I've done the EJ255 spark plug change out. Once I figured out one cylinder the rest were easy. No lifting of the engine off the mount or removal. Granted that was 4 in the same space as 6 now. 😅
  20. Thermo1223

    Spark plug change on 2017 jeep grand cherokee 3.6

    I did it on the 3.6 in a Dodge GC and it was fairly easy consider it being transverse. I never replaced the gaskets and lasted another 100k without incident. I used OEM Champion plugs just like what came out. Also speaking of the oil cooler, that one never leaked that I could see but at 200k+...