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  1. Ausfahrt

    New Vehicle Undercoating - Cosmoline, Woolwax, Fluid Film, etc???

    Many newer cars have plastic panels on the underside to improve aerodynamics. Are these panels removed when applying the undercoating?
  2. Ausfahrt

    Is it worth having a third car as a 'beater'?

    I wasn't actually thinking of parking in terms of dollars but rather having the space for a third vehicle.
  3. Ausfahrt

    Is it worth having a third car as a 'beater'?

    Most couples have two vehicles and we have on several occasions had a third beater car. But for us it was not sustainable. Insuring a third car that was rarely used can be expensive due to maintenance, registration, parking, and a host of other things that go along with it. At one time we...
  4. Ausfahrt

    Bought a cheap 9mm pistol

    Well, good for you.
  5. Ausfahrt

    Bought a cheap 9mm pistol

    I cheap out on a lot of things. Firearms is not one of them.
  6. Ausfahrt

    Toying with the idea of electric clutch operation on motorcycle

    There are quite a few old Hondamatic starter bikes out there at low prices because there is not much demand for them. You may have to look for a while to find a good one since most of them are 40ish years old now. This currently registered and running CM400 with only 6000 miles is listed...
  7. Ausfahrt

    Why haven't any vintage Mercedes diesel fans picked this up yet?

    Did anyone notice that the battery is disconnected in the engine photo? Might have a parasitic drain or other electrical issues.
  8. Ausfahrt

    What should I have to comfortably retire at 55?

    There is no one right answer and I retired two years ago at 58. The only thing that I can add is that everything in retirement is easier without debt. My wife and I spent a month in Europe this past fall and it was possible because we have zero debt. ETA: One other thing. 15 year...
  9. Ausfahrt

    Is car performance "maxed out"?

    You can say that again.:confused:
  10. Ausfahrt

    Tesla Drops USA Prices up to 20%

    That's one way to look at it.
  11. Ausfahrt

    Bought a 2009 Expedition

    Good luck. I hope that you stole it.
  12. Ausfahrt

    New tool thread

    I just acquired a new 10 liter ultrasonic cleaner. That's a pair of Bing carbs from my BMW airhead that are going to get the honor of going swimming first. I think that I'm going with Simple Green for my cleaning solution unless someone has a better suggestion.
  13. Ausfahrt

    New tool thread

    I've been considering these lightweight wrenches for my motorcycle tool roll.
  14. Ausfahrt

    About done with Autozone

    It's a conundrum. We despise brick & mortar stores because of prices and perceived service issues but I suspect that we will miss them when they are gone.
  15. Ausfahrt

    1966 Chevelle

    Ridiculous. The guy can't even pull out of his relatively flat driveway. Not to mention that the lopey cam sounds great at the drag strip but is just obnoxious in a family neighborhood. That is a pretty Chevelle though.
  16. Ausfahrt

    Bucket list mowers

    Here's my Key mower. They were built in Bradenton, FL. in the 70s and 80s ( Samoset is a section of town) when I still lived there. These were everywhere in Florida back in the old days but the company has been out of business for decades and they are pretty hard to find now.
  17. Ausfahrt

    New tool thread

    Are you sure those are Phillips and not JIS?