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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    When I first buy a new (previously owned vehicle) and they tell me that the oil has just been changed...I’m like, sure it has...then I change it. Regardless of how that oil looks. And usually that oil does look like it’s just been changed, but I want to start with a new base line. Know what I mean?
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    think i am done with oil from walmart

    I find them to be hit or miss, BUT it doesn’t matter all that much...if I really am looking for something there are 3-4 Walmart’s around me within a 15 mile radius. I just can’t stand going there though...once saw a guy walking around with no shirt on...probably 70 years old, platinum blonde...
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    New Hamp Oil Under on GM Wax Frame?

    You can buy a Woolwax 1 gallon undercoating kit on Amazon for $169. That should easily be enough for one application and then if you wanted to put another gallon on it a year from now, it’ll run you $50 bucks for Fluid Film, or $59 bucks for Woolwax. It’s basically the same stuff as NH Oil...
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    New Hamp Oil Under on GM Wax Frame?

    I did something similar....fluid film treatments twice a year, and white lithium grease in the high wash off areas. Although cosmoline would have been even better.
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    New Hamp Oil Under on GM Wax Frame?

    Do they coat the axle/diff, with the frame wax now? Guess it couldn’t hurt. The frame wax is supposed to be “self healing”, as you know, it’s not. Instead in five years it’ll have half your frame freely exposed to rust.
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    New Hamp Oil Under on GM Wax Frame?

    I applied it directly to my frame right away (2018 bought new), it didn’t do anything to my wax. And I continued to do that every 6 months until a sold the truck two years later. The GM frame wax is going to eventually harden, then chip away. I think things like fluid film, NH oil undercoating...
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    Fram TG 9 months, 4k miles. Rust!

    I just thought of something, was there any way that you were doing brakes on your car (replacing a caliper or something) and your hand had brake fluid on it when you tightened the filter? Something like that, either brake fluid or something else that could destroy the paint and rubber on that...
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    Well, I was agreeing with you...that you can't compare the two. But I thought we were more specifically talking about oil change length...and why a semi truck can go longer on an interval than a passenger car. That's why I mentioned the low highway rpm's - which is talked about frequently in...
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    2020 camry hybrid le oil change

    I like the guy in that video, I subscribe to his channel, however the engine/pistons in that video is a design flaw by Toyota...and despite THAT, the customer he talks about when referring to 10,000 mile oil changes, did make it to 200,000 miles before the consumption started. And that was with...
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    I think the big key here is what you said. Port injected. Remove the port injected and replaced it with DI, and things change. IMO. And then toss a turbo into the equation...and it really changes. Add a timing chain, variable valve timing and low tension rings, and now we’re really talking...
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    Right, and they’re also humming along at 1,200 rpm’s on those highways for those miles, while the typical passenger car is moving at 2,000-2,500 rpm’ go along with a smaller sump, shorter trips, less cylinders, smaller rings, smaller everything.
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    Commute seems to be a big factor in whether to do these 10,000 OCI’s...and I’m one that kind of (maybe) considers that. My commute is 80 miles a day...70 miles of that is my commute...75 mph set on cruise control, and 40 mph on the backroads. Very little stop and go, in temperatures ranging from...
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    Toyota/Amsoil advice

    I'm in a similar I keep doing 10,000 mile intervals, or do I drop it down to 6,500-7,500 miles, now that my car has 110,000 miles on it? Tough question, but whereas I'm the type that questions the 10,000 mile interval (and plan on keeping the vehicle till it blows up), I may switch to...
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    almost a junk truck? what to do.

    I’d say most half ton trucks are rack and pinion now, and have been for a while. And some are all electric rack and pinion.
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    Fram TG 9 months, 4k miles. Rust!

    Doesn’t make any sense, even the rubberized grip area looks like it is 10 years old. It takes a lifetime of salt for metal and rubber to get that bad. Weird. Was the filter ten years old when it was installed or something?
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    Trim Clip Removal

    Don’t worry about damaging those, they’ll usually go back in and be fine. I actual,y don’t mind the Christmas tree clips. Toyota clips have their issues too, sometimes those little legs become distorted and it’s tough to get them back in (although the pin does a nice job holding them down/in.
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    Top end/cam pics from my 1.8

    That’s pretty cool. Nice!
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    Mobil 1 EP vs Castrol (gold) EP

    I think his logic is...between choosing let’s say...Mobil1 AFE 0W20 (rated for 10,000 miles), or Mobil1 EP 0W20 (rated for 20,000 miles)...if you’re going to only run the oil 5,000-10,000 miles?? There isn’t much (if any) benefit of going with the Mobil1 EP, and paying the extra cost, unless you...
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    1(?) oil change per 1 million miles.

    First time watching this guy, he seems very articulate and reasonable. I personally of course would never run an oil with the thought of never changing it, and I’m sure the guy in the video feels the same...but on an oil site, it is an interesting topic. And I’ll tell you what: ten years ago I...
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    Mobil 1 EP vs Castrol (gold) EP

    I just did the same thing, but with two quarts of the old PAO formula mixed in that I had left over. Was planning on running it 10,000 miles. Not sure what I may try next.