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    5.7 HEMI preventative care, which flavor of 5w20

    So I'm sure we all know the history of 5 7 Hemi's having needle bearings seize and freeze the rollers, causing lifter failure and grinding down the cam. There are 2 reasons thst I've found that are blamed for the failure. 1. Is that the design of the motor doesn't get enough oil to the lifters...
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    Help me choose my next set

    My vehicle is a 19' Ram 4x4 with the 5.7 v8 and 265/70r17 tiresm I'm still on the stock Goodyear Wrangler SRA's at the moment. So to start, I'll be swapping to LT tires as my current set of all seasons and snows (Nokian studded Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV) are passenger rated. I live in Central NH so...
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    Flow vs filtration rate

    sooooo, was there an issue with my name or something?
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    Flow vs filtration rate

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    Flow vs filtration rate

    Truck has roughly 14k miles on it, been running Wix filter with shell Rotella gas truck oil. Will replace the air filter at 20k. Ive run the fram XG before on V6 Toyota and Nissan motors, but with the higher flow demand of the V8, idk maybe its paranoia, but something in the back of my head says...
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    Flow vs filtration rate

    So I'm well aware of the superiority in terms of filtration rate of the fram XG series, however how much does it impede flow rate? I obviously don't want to be running a portion of my flow through the bypass at higher RPM's. I want to utilize the better filtration but am wary of the flow...