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    Should I drill a hole here?

    I have a 1987 Chevy Silverado, and I added one-touch windows. You no longer have to hold the button down to operate the power windows. You just press it once like in a newer vehicle. The job is almost finished, but I need to run a power wire through the side of the cab and up into the firewall...
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    How much power can I make from a 5.3l LS with these limitations?

    Hi all. I'm looking to replace the dead 350 in my old 87 Silverado. Needs new piston rings. I want to use a 5.3L LS engine from a newer truck, but I figured why not add a little spice to it first. However, there are some limitations I want to abide by. They are: 1. Can't harm the factory fuel...
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    How is the Purolator One these days?

    Royal Purple filters have priced me out. Back when they were roughly $17 each, I didn't mind paying a premium for one of the top filters you could buy. But now they're about $30 for me. And I can't justify it any longer. So I'm considering switching to the Purolator One, which everyone used to...