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    2016 Mazda antifreeze

    So most engines are cast iron, cast aluminum, with rubber hoses. So why do I need special antifreeze for my Mazda or is that all hype? What is wrong with plain old green? Seems that not changing it is worse than worrying about what to put in there. Does it matter what I use as long as it is...
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    20k miles OCI on the wife's car M1 0W30

    Well I have been so busy in the last year and a half I did not change the oil in that time period and I checked the oil tonight and it did not read on the dip stick. I know the car burns about 1/2 quart in 7000 miles since it was new. I scratched my head and checked the log book and it was...
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    A little off topic AC conversion R12 to R134A.

    So I have an old Eclipse that I want to convert to R134A from R12. I know there are some oil compatibility issues. Do I have to get all the old oil out? What should I put in there. I thought old oil would break down or gum up.