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    Any VOA requests?

    Thanks for the offer, you're a good man. Amsoil OE 5w30 if you ever have the opportunity.
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    Kenmore/Whirlpool dryer F01 fix

    A penny saved is a penny earned. Who cares how the soldering looks, the task was accomplished. Bravo!
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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    Yes, like your post #33.
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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    You better look at who posted that, certainly wasn't me. You've got things a little mixed up. You're answering your own post.
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    Another new car (Toyota Highlander) owner seeking the: "Best Oil"

    No, you can. I believe most Toyotas call for 10k.
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    Another new car (Toyota Highlander) owner seeking the: "Best Oil"

    I'm sure lots of Toyotas have gone 300k on even longer than 10k oci's. I mean besides a couple of known sludger engines they have produced, there's not many brands of vehicles stay on the road longer than they do.
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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    Yes and we are all very impressed and glad to know that little tidbit.
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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    How does that make any sense? How does jealousy pertain to oil changes. That's so far out of the realm of being totally unrelated. Who would even make such a correlation? Wow!
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    Anyone Change Too Often?

    That's always good for a laugh. Peace of mind and the old cheap insurance drivel in one fell swoop.
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    The 25 Greatest Songs Of All Time

    Ok Yes, that's a top 5,000 maybe along with that useless "Happy".
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    Toyota/Amsoil advice

    There's got to be a good omen in that many deuces!
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    2018 Chevy Silverado 3500 Serviced

    You may be right but they also might do a good job next time knowing they're under more scrutiny. It is what it is though.
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    Why 10K Miles Oil change may not be good!

    If they're not going to check their oil level over an OCI then maybe a long drain oil may be helpful. Usually long drain oil is better quality and therefore able to resist consumption a little better. If I'm going to neglect my engine, I'd rather have something like HPL, Amsoil etc. in there...
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    Toyota/Amsoil advice

    I think the sweet spot for Amsoil SS is when you're out of warranty and it's being used to it's potential, which for me is about 15-16k miles, and your engine isn't using any substantial amount of oil.
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    What Enables Such Long Intervals With Diesels??

    I thought AP and EP were very well priced or so I'm led to believe right here in bitog. Secondly, why would people stop checking their oil level just because they're using a long drain oil? It still gets consumed at basically the same rate as any other synthetic engine oil.
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    List of oil filters with 99% efficiency at 20 microns.

    Great mosquito repellent distribution method.
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    2018 Chevy Silverado 3500 Serviced

    Yeah but at least if you had pushed the issue a bit more they probably would have thrown you a bone or two.
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    think i am done with oil from walmart

    You sound like a potential home delivery Amsoil customer Johnny,,,😂
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    World Cup 2023 Thread

    Bush league, Joe Ball. No structure anything goes, Joe Ball.