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    How does Fram Honda PS Fluid Compare to Genuine Honda PS Fluid

    Hey I saw this Fram 'Honda' Power Steering fluid. Very nice price at 2qt for 20...
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    Cover for Jack Oil

    Hey I just bought this jack oil...
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    Cat pressure washer pump oil vs SAE 30 non detergent

    Hi I'm looking for a pump oil for my briggs pressure washer (it's just a cheapy horizontal spark one). I see this fancy cat brand oil, and then I see a lot of other brands that just sound like non detergent sae 30. What's the move here. Should I just buy some sae 30 non detergent? Or this 'pump...
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    Everstart Max worth 2x Everstart Value?

    Hey folks. I am looking at the everstart value (59) and max (120). Do you think the max will really last 2x+ of the value one? My current battery is an AAA premium manufactured fall 16 installed march 17 that's on it's last legs, so about 5.5 years. Located in SE USA winters around 30-40 with...
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    Which battery to buy from walmart lineup? - Best Value?

    Hey folks my battery is on it's way out after a solid 5+ years.. Looking at grabbing the walmart one. There's a value one 585cca (59), plus 600cca (90), maxx 750cca (120) What's your experiences? Kinda wanna try the value one for science. Looking for best value for how long they last. Does the...
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    Motorcraft FL-816

    Hi folks. Bought 10 Motorcraft Fl-816 off RockAuto. Chose them because I had to play the shipping game. I thought these filters were specced on par with Bosch Premium or Purolator PureOne, but apparently that's only the S models?? Thanks Motorcraft.. This one seems like a Purolator classic (Red...