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    2022 WRX oil filter recommendations

    So, I just bought HPL passenger plus oil (0w-20) for my car. I'm curious what a high quality oil filter would be to go with it aside from the OEM. I've seen the K&N 1004 for my car which had pretty good reviews but I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions. Whatever the highest quality...
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    2022 wrx

    So I recently bought a 2022 wrx. I'm doing research on different oils and such. The top two I'm most intrigued by are of course amsoil and high performance lubricants premium plus ot whatever. I'm curious of everyone's thoughts. I also want to get a high quality filter as well. Any suggestions...
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    Amsoil or HPL?

    I bought a 2022 wrx (2.4 boxer direct injection) recently and I'm looking to doing my own oil change and I'm torn between using amsoil or high performance lubricants oil. They both seem to be great. Amsoil just seems to have more history and pedigree but HPL oil I haven't seen not one bad...