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  1. farrarfan1

    Todays ribs with pictures.

    Three slabs of spares,trimmed St.Louis style. I'll use the rib tips in some cheesy potatoes I'm going to fix for a cookout tomorrow. They tasted as good as they look. Enjoy! Rubbed with TexasBBQRub and turbinado sugar. <img src=""...
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    Cool t-shirts.

    Read some of the reviews. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Some BBQ pictures.

    Haven't put any up for awhile and I know there are some hardcore BBQ fans here. This is a 14.3 lb chuck roll which comes from the beef shoulder and supplies chuck roasts and chuck steaks. Rubbed with TexasBBQRub's brisket blend and cooked for 14.5 hours on my little Weber workhorse using pecan...
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    Mmmmmm Spam.

    And chicken and Italian sausage. Some lump charcoal and pecan wood. <img src="" alt="" />
  5. farrarfan1

    Real 30wt vs analog 30wt.

    In this thread jldcol gave a fascinating explanation of the differences between real 30wt's and analog 30wt's. I would like to see further discussion please. <a href=""...
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    For the BBQ fans.

    11.4 lb brisket, trimmed and seasoned with Weber Chicago Steak seasoning. <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <img...
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    New member forum.

    A while back I sugested limited posting privileges for new members and was booed off the stage by several members. I was told that limiting posts for mew members was a really bad idea. I notice we now have a new member forum and they have limited posting ability. Hhhmmm...
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    Letter from scout camp.

    Dear Mommy and Daddy, Our Scoutmaster told us to write to our parents in case you saw the flood on TV and are worried. We are okay. Only one of our tents and two sleeping bags got washed away. Luckily, none of us got drowned because we were all up on the mountain looking for Adam when it...
  9. farrarfan1

    Laptop Advice Needed-Part2

    I didn't want to hijack The Critic's thread by asking a question so I started a new one. I've been following the advice given to him. My 16 year old wants a laptop mainly for gaming, he's big into World of Warcraft. Specifically he wants an Alienware gaming laptop. I found some reviews online...
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    Wix and ACDelco look identical.

    I bought an ACDelco PF52 and the equivelant Wix 51036. Comparing them side by side they appear to be identical. Exact same length, same canister style.Both have a red ADBV and have the number "18" stamped on the baseplate.Both have 6 identical size holes in the baseplate. On top of the AC is the...
  11. farrarfan1

    For the BBQ fans part 2.

    Since it seems to be popular food here's this weekends cook. Boston Butt for pulled pork and a coule of chickens. Cooked over oak.Ejoy, cause I sure did! <img src="" alt=" - " /> <img...
  12. farrarfan1

    For the BBQ fans.

    I got a new smoker for Christmas so I thought I'd show off a few pictures.It's a Chargriller with the side fire box.Used hickory wood. Enjoy. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" /> The meat: A 10.6 lb brisket.Also threw on a whole chicken. <img...
  13. farrarfan1

    Help with AC Delco filters.

    I just picked up 3 ACDelco PF-52's from Advance Auto for $2.98 each. Didn't notice till I got home but the boxes and the filters just say AC Delco and do not have the Duraguard name anywhere. The last 3 I picked at PepBoys had the Duragurd name on them.The 8 digit product code matches the...
  14. farrarfan1

    Thank you.

    Thanks to the moderator(s) who closed the idiotic topic posted earlier this morning.
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    Racing oil in a street car.

    A friend of mine that runs a very successful race team gave me 24 qts of Valvoline synthetic racing oil. It's 10w30 and says exceeds API service SH/CD.It is printed very prominently on the cases and the individual containers that it is for motorsports use only.I don't need it for any of my...
  16. farrarfan1

    Van with 734,998 miles

    I thought this might be of interest. Ruthless Interrogation A man and his van: Going the distance Dave Davis and his van have traveled 734,998 miles together. (By Pat McDonogh, The Courier-Journal) By Marty Rosen Special to The Courier-Journal Dave Davis, 71, formerly of Crestwood, now...
  17. farrarfan1

    Any advantage to small filter?

    I know the AC DElco PF47 and PF52 is interchangeable since I've owned 3 Luminas, 2 Blazers and I maintain my Mom's Buick Century. I accidentally discovered this several years ago by accident when I was changing the oil in my 96 Blazer(PF52) and 95 Lumina (PF47) at the same time and noticed they...
  18. farrarfan1

    Advice on picking a van.

    Since I decided to get rid of my wife's 04 Concorde due to the possible sludge issue I've been checking out the current selection of vans. I've narrowed it down to the new Uplander from Chevrolet and the Mazda MPV.The Uplander is new this year so there isn't a lot of reviews about it. The MVP...
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    Oil Technical Data files

    Not sure if this is the right protocol or not to report this problem but the data under the topic "Oil Technical Data" posted by member 1 FMF is gone. Could one of the technically inclined people on the board possibly restore it? Thank you.
  20. farrarfan1

    How important is A5?

    I've been trying to learn as much about Mobil 1 as possible so I've read everything I can find on here about it. One thing I'm concerned about is the new GF-4 SM 5W30 is not rated A5 like the SL GF-3 was, only A1. I have a pretty good idea what the A5 means from what I've found here and at the...