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  1. Starman2112

    RIP to a tremendously talented musician.

    So sad to hear this. She was a wonderful talent. RIP Christine.
  2. Starman2112

    Great coaches

    A few that haven’t been mentioned yet: Nick Saban Phil Jackson Geno Auriemma Casey Stengel Eddie Robinson
  3. Starman2112

    New truck!

    Beautiful truck! Congrats!
  4. Starman2112

    What are you watching in YouTube?

    Vice Grip Garage Watch Wes Work South Main Auto The Car Care Nut Junkyard Digs Tony The Technician Rainman Ray Toyota Maintenance Project Farm Steve Lehto Rick Beato
  5. Starman2112

    My town's 9/11 memorial

    That is a beautiful memorial. 🇺🇸
  6. Starman2112

    Michelin Defender LTX on Honda Odyssey 28k mile check-in

    Those are some of the best tires you can buy imo.
  7. Starman2112

    What are you working on today?

    My son’s 2013 Corolla S 1.8L with 109k. All parts are OEM from dealer. spark plugs thermostat serpentine belt engine air filter cleaned MAF sensor coolant drain and fill
  8. Starman2112

    Are you using a 4k TV yet?

    We have a 65” 4K Sony purchased a little less than a year ago. Love it so far.
  9. Starman2112

    M1 Truck & SUV Synthetic Users ?

    Tempting, but I don’t think I’ll chance it.
  10. Starman2112

    M1 Truck & SUV Synthetic Users ?

    Here’s the link for $14.50...
  11. Starman2112

    Fumoto valve and road debris incident

    Call it whatever you want but this incident doesn’t happen with a drain plug.
  12. Starman2112


    Just watched it tonight. Ignoring the WOKE agenda, I thought it was pretty good. I would rank it as the third best Predator movie behind 1 and 2. Even if they make 100 Predator movies, they’ll never top the first one.
  13. Starman2112

    Excellent video SHOWING how infrequent oil changes destroy engines..

    EXCELLENT post showing how some people on BITOG don’t know what they’re talking about.
  14. Starman2112

    0w20 vs 5w30?

    Most likely the burden of proof would be on you.
  15. Starman2112

    Geico leaving California.

    Can’t blame anyone for leaving California.