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  1. mbres2000

    Why not more hybrids?

    Because the extreme left thinks the world will end soon if we don't kill ICEs. How long did Al Gore predict we had left? However long it was, that time came and went a while back. But his movie made $$millions. Now we have AOC saying we have 22 years left. I just read were she is upset at...
  2. mbres2000

    Why not more hybrids?

    Pretty much says it all about this pie-in-the-sky EV-only nonsense.(y) Let the market decide.
  3. mbres2000

    Is BITOG just a version of social media or is it something else?

    I have Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I don't use them very often. In fact, I don't remember the last time I went to Twitter. I'm not much of a Facebook user either, but it's not a bad way to see what friends and families are doing. You just need to be aware that those companies are...
  4. mbres2000

    Valvoline back on rollback at Walmart

    $26.47 for Mobil 1 0W-20 at Wally Mart. What is this robot or human notation?
  5. mbres2000

    anyone uses techron fuel system cleaner?

    I became a fan of Techron many years ago when it smoothed out the rough idle on a Ford Taurus 3.0 V6. Used it for while on other vehicles as preventative maintenance, but eventually got away from it. Ran across this thread while trying to determine if Techron can be used in my old truck with a...
  6. mbres2000

    Frustration with continuing "staffing issues"

    Being understaffed is not just your Ford dealer's problem.
  7. mbres2000

    Maintenance on 2016 Mustang GT with 33K miles

    I've never done that on an ABS system. Guess I can always do research, or let the shop down the road do it. Turns out I need to do my 69 truck, too!
  8. mbres2000

    Maintenance on 2016 Mustang GT with 33K miles

    You know, there's a family-owned shop down the road from me that gets rave reviews from locals. I've had 4 state inspections done there, and they are always courteous, and fast. And unlike some places that do inspections, they didn't try to sell me engine flushes and cabin filters!
  9. mbres2000

    Maintenance on 2016 Mustang GT with 33K miles

    Wow! I just confirmed that. I assumed it still used EPS fluid like my wife's Infiniti.
  10. mbres2000

    Maintenance on 2016 Mustang GT with 33K miles

    I don't put a lot of miles on my 2016 Mustang GT, as you can tell: 33K in 6-1/2 years of ownership. I've had a Ford dealer do the oil changes at ~5K miles, but I've done no other maintenance aside from checking fluid levels, tire pressures, and changing the engine air filter. Yes, I plan to...
  11. mbres2000

    2022 Mazda CX-9 - High Performance Lubricants PCMO 10W-20 - 4,897 Miles

    If that's the case, then the the lab analysis didn't prove anything! Statistically speaking, two is not a valid sample size. He will need to do the same analysis with a third (and even fourth) fill using another mainstream brand oil(s). And I would certainly use the viscosity recommended by Mazda.
  12. mbres2000

    Investing Strategies. What is your move?

    I'm retired so I've been at 40% stock funds/60% bond funds for >2 years now. Some managed, some indexed, and around 12% non-US. This year, as always, my advisor re-balances among the various funds when allocations get out of whack. Having lived through three market downturns where we've...
  13. mbres2000

    Do you have good "CARma"?

    Various 1999-2020 Nissan and Infiniti cars and SUVs have been extremely reliable. I put >125K on a 99 Maxima with zero issues other than oxygen sensors at around 100K miles. 2014 GMC Acadia -- creaks, rattles, wind noise. Probably 5-6 trips to dealers for warranty work in the first year...
  14. mbres2000

    Difference in oil filters?

    For older out-of-warranty vehicles, that's been my logic, correct or not. WIX and Mobil 1 usually win.
  15. mbres2000

    We just picked up a brand new 2022 Crosstrek Limited. Few Q’s y’all

    So much for second guessing factory recommendations! I mean we're well beyond 1950s metallurgy and straight SC classified 30 wt.
  16. mbres2000

    Time for belts and a tensioner.

    Gates used to the gold standard for belts and hoses. But who knows where any parts are made now, regardless of brand name? For example, several "real" AC Delco electrical parts I've recently bought for my 69 Chevy are made in China -- land of poor, if any, Quality Assurance departments. Sad.
  17. mbres2000

    Have you personally benefited from the Great Resignation/low unemployment?

    It's a great time to ask for a raise or to go elsewhere!
  18. mbres2000

    Have you personally benefited from the Great Resignation/low unemployment?

    Dallas/Ft. Worth area restaurants and stores are short-handed to the point where many must reduce their hours of operation. And this is with $15/hr wages for unskilled jobs that paid $10/hr (or less) just two years ago. Government financial assistance ran out a long time ago, so I don't know...
  19. mbres2000

    Breaking News : Major Refinery Accident (Exxon/Mobil - Texas)

    Yes, let's put it all on the backs of poor families, many of whom cannot even afford a used EV. And it's doubtful they'd even have a way to charge an EV at their apartment buildings. For the lucky ones who have homes, most garages/carports cannot power anything more than a Level 1 charger...
  20. mbres2000

    Oil for 72 Corvette

    Those heads would have made a huge performance difference on the 307 that was in my 69 pickup. I always like the 300hp/350 as well as the 300hp/327. Net horsepower rating would probably have been 250hp or less, but I suspect they would be plenty powerful even today.