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  1. DBMaster

    Popeyes- Business As Usual

    The chase scene in "To Live and Die in L.A." is right up there, too.
  2. DBMaster

    Phony website?

    I can't imagine this is legit. This tire is $149 at Discount. It's what goes on my Mazda3.
  3. DBMaster

    A/C Compressor wiring

    You could easily leave it disconnected as long as you don't run the unit when ambient temperature is below about 40º. Crankcase heaters are primarily used on compressors in heat pump systems because those compressors run in all seasons. The heater is only needed in low temps to prevent liquid...
  4. DBMaster

    I broke the gas water heater

    Thank you, Dave. This has been very good info for me. I actually used to do the draining with the supply pressure on but at some point I was led to believe that it needed to be off. If I don't have to turn off the water supply I won't have the issue anymore. The TPR valve on my heater is...
  5. DBMaster

    I broke the gas water heater

    When you say "blow it down" do you mean drain some water out of it? I am not familiar with that phrase. I replaced the gate valve that came with the house because it was worthless. I always had to turn off the water at the meter because the closed gate valve let almost as much water through...
  6. DBMaster

    I broke the gas water heater

    The water here is moderately hard (around 180 ppm TDS). I drain about a gallon or so. I get initial gritty sediment followed quickly by clear water. The heater that came with the house became noisy and performed poorly at about 11 years. It had a lot of scale in it. The one I installed was...
  7. DBMaster

    I broke the gas water heater

    This post was timely for me. I just did the same thing on my GE branded Rheem heater from Home Depot. As usual, I had to play around with the pressure relief valve to get it to quit dripping. Opening several hot water faucets in the house doesn't break the vacuum to allow the heater to drain...
  8. DBMaster

    Home air conditioning maintenance

    I'm not a real expert on this, but I wouldn't run a 45/5 long term in place of a 45/7.5, You are undersizing the capacitance by 30% for the fan motor and the eventual result could be premature failure of the capacitor or motor. It's fine for a while, but I would get the correct value. If I'm...
  9. DBMaster

    Higher Octane Gas in Summer ?

    I've actually been choosing between 87 and 88. My 2012 Mazda3 does not require anything more. Fuel economy loss is barely perceptible. I guess I'm taking issue with the fact that E15 should be significantly lower priced.
  10. DBMaster

    Higher Octane Gas in Summer ?

    I WISH! I've been using it for a couple of years. It "seems" to reduce the takeoff lag I get in the summer just a bit, but I haven't objectively tested it. There is only one station in my area that has E15 (QT) and it's only 5 cents a gallon cheaper than regular. I should probably stop...
  11. DBMaster

    Higher Octane Gas in Summer ?

    Don't forget about air conditioning. It takes a fair amount of power from the engine to run the compressor in the summer. And, the hotter it is outside the more power will be required to achieve a comfortable temperature.
  12. DBMaster

    Hopefully I put the fear into the dweeb.

    Yes! A young guy I worked with said I had that. I told him that he may have been yanking my chain, but I was going to take it as a compliment. LOL
  13. DBMaster

    Mobil 1 2022 Rebates?

    I've been checking the Mobil 1 site for the 2022 rebate offer that others on this site mentioned would launch on June 1. It appears as though Mobil did not launch that rebate offer. On a related topic, it seems that Mobil 1 EP 0W-20 is out of stock in several of the stores in my area (DFW). I...
  14. DBMaster

    Blood shortages

    I typically donate double red cells every sixteen weeks. I am scheduled to donate later this month, but it's going to be whole blood because the donor centers around here are suffering from shortages of the apheresis kits. Supply chain issues strike again and are affecting so much more than...
  15. DBMaster

    Wall Street Journal worldwide EV test.

    No, the comments about drivers apply to drivers of ALL vehicles. My comments were meant to express MY opinion that EVs solve no problems.
  16. DBMaster

    Wall Street Journal worldwide EV test.

    The main problem with EVs, to me, is that they are still contributing to the overcrowded streets and highways and they are still driven by poorly skilled drivers who don't pay attention to the task at hand. Assuming they get past the issues of inadequate lithium and nickel supplies and outdated...
  17. DBMaster

    What do you put on your fries other than salt or ketchup?

    Chili and cheese, or for simpler fare, celery salt.
  18. DBMaster

    BAD movies.

    Since we're all in agreement that it's all subjective and personal I'll share one of mine. After seeing this at the theater, a lady a couple of rows behind me said, "I wonder if we can get our money back for this." I shared that sentiment, even though the critics seemed to love it.
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    I may be on the other side, but I agree with him...

    If you don't know who Gina Carano is, or already like her, I recommend seeing the movie Haywire.
  20. DBMaster

    Extended Drain Oils

    I have a friend - Methodist pastor - who once led the congregation in Sachse. I live some 40 miles away from there. I also had a coworker several years ago whose husband was a city council member there. It used to be BFE, but the DFW area has grown so much it's now another suburb.