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  1. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    Was going to pull my cracked in half exhaust log from my 410. Quickly realized there was no way those untouched top bolts were going to come out while on the car. So off with the manifold to get the head. Saw the underside of the manifold and decided to get it hot tanked along with replacement...
  2. tbm3fan

    Poll: What do you think is the most "difficult" timing belt to service?

    Couldn't say as I avoid timing belt cars. I only have one car with a belt and that was because it was given to me a decade ago and I had already had an 86. I can say the the 86-92 626 has got to be one of the easiest belts to ever have to change. Thirty minutes at most.
  3. tbm3fan

    1973 Lincoln Continental / Ford LTD reliability and longevity.

    Hmm, so my 67 Parklane is first an always California car so zero frame issues with it. The entire front and rear suspension has been rebuilt by me with upgrades in the rear for the stamped lateral arms. The car drives very well. Had to align myself as no one would tough the car. The original...
  4. tbm3fan

    Cordless Tool Batteries

    I refuse to use battery powered tools. All my Makita, Milwaukee, and Dewalt tools are corded.
  5. tbm3fan

    When Did Tire Rack Become so Expensive?

    The last time I bought from Tire Rack was early this year for the Focus and the Yokohama tires I wanted were $450 give or take a bit. Locally the Discount Tire told me they couldn't get those tires. In fact they told me they couldn't get the tires I wanted on my last five cars with four being...
  6. tbm3fan

    Advance, Autozone, O'Reilly, NAPA - Your Favorite

    For parts only four places. Local parts dealer, Monument Auto Parts, national dealer, RockAuto and NAPA with all counter people in their later years and know parts, and then Sparks Surplus on eBay for OEM and NOS parts. For routine stuff like oil, filters, and coolant it would be WalMart.
  7. tbm3fan

    Post your latest parts purchase

    Four Denso COPs for the Ford Focus from RockAuto last week.
  8. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    So I developed an exhaust leak back in March. Turns out the crack goes all the way around the log. Pretty much in half now. I became apparent that the top bolts were not going to come out without a fight. Rather than deal with broken bolts I finally decided to remove the cylinder head and...
  9. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    So the Focus was running a little rough at idle and had a stumble on acceleration onto the freeway. On Wednesday I went out to diagnose the issue. Had a feeling it was a COP. Well while sitting in the running car the check engine light popped on and there were six codes. P0300, P0301 pending...
  10. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    So I got the Buick back from the body shop after I was rear ended back in June. My quick look was fine until I stopped at the bank and then walked back to the car from behind. What is that? It was two mars in the new bumper from someone at the shop hitting hit. So they need to redo the bumper...
  11. tbm3fan

    Parking Lot etiquette -angled parking

    I drive a Focus so no problem parking anywhere. Of course anywhere for me means way out in the boonies of any store lot to stay away from the rest of the crowd who can't park between lines. I'll walk the 50-75 yards to the store. Keeps me thin.
  12. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    Actually last weekend finished a complete rebuild of the rear suspension on the 91 626. Six new lateral arms, struts, strut mounts, strut insulators and a pair of rear brake hoses. All parts Mazda NOS I located over the years via one seller on eBay. Cheap also by a wide margin over Mazda if they...
  13. tbm3fan

    Classic Cars - How Often Do You Drive It

    Are you talkin' to me? You must be talkin' to me since I have five over 49 years old. It isn't easy because M,T,Th, and F are out automatically because of my work commute. Wed. is off so I could drive one between 10:30- 1:00 when things are quite on the highway as I don't drive city streets...
  14. tbm3fan

    Maint/repair costs per mile

    My Ford Focus has been very thrifty. I don't count gas other than making sure of my mpg. However, mechanical repairs I do keep track of. My Focus has had one PSM replaced, one PCV and hose replaced, one serpentine belt and tensioner replaced and just this month it's first brake job replacing...
  15. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    Finished the first brake job on my 2004 Focus at 185,000 miles and in the end it didn't really need it. The front pads were at 50% of original thickness and the back shoes even better. However, the front rotor had obvious grooves where one would re-surface but I had Ford rotors in stock so let's...
  16. tbm3fan

    What are you working on today?

    A private car just dropped off the oil I ordered from Walmart 3 1/2 hours ago. Not UPS, not FedEx, but a small Ford!
  17. tbm3fan

    Any new stuff that makes white vehicles pop?

    Nah. The only time I have ever seen white pop, as in blinding, was deep snow in the Sierras with a bright sun shining on it.
  18. tbm3fan

    Post Your Latest Coolant Change.

    Yesterday the 65 F-100 was drained after four years. Standard 50/50 Prestone and water.
  19. tbm3fan

    Any new stuff that makes white vehicles pop?

    White can never pop as a color.