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  1. coopns

    Cleaned Dishwasher...

    The wife sends me a video on how "easy" it is to clean the dishwasher. So I get after it and oh my lord...couldn't believe the gunk in there. Used sprays, toothbrush, scrubbing everything, took about 2 hrs. This is after 4 years and in a busy house but the kids put everything in there despite me...
  2. coopns

    Septic - Float Help

    Septic is about 5 years old. Weekend the septic alarm went off. Called and tech walked me through manually draining on the panel inside house. Worked, alarm went off and back to automatic on panel. A Tech from septic company was out today and he said the "on" float was potentially faulty. He...
  3. coopns

    Random starting

    Previously posted this issue here. Ended up with both new battery and new alternator. Car worked fine for past two weeks. Then had it out yesterday drove around went to a store came out a few mins later and wouldn't start...lots of and would almost start or would start then...
  4. coopns

    Outdoor hose bib stuck

    My outdoor hose is 'crusted' on to the spigot. I tried some pb blaster and tried to heat it with a torch to loosen it up. I could probably giver' and muscle it off but I don't want to rip it out of the wall or out of its socket inside. I left it on last year because I couldn't get it off then...
  5. coopns

    Car Show

    Just driving my bike this morning and in Hull MA there was a fairly big car show. Fun to see all the different cars from old to new. I get a kick out of having a peek despite not really knowing what I'm looking at. Just guessing, must have been 200 ish cars. How big do the shows get? I guess...
  6. coopns

    Glass Haze On Windshield

    Oh probably too much time on my hands...but I can't get my windshield glass clean. If I look at it with a bit of sun glare I can see it looks like faint vertical soap streaks. I have cleaned it with Vinegar, Windex, Dawn and alcohol both inside and out. It does seem to be in the wiper area.
  7. coopns

    Battery or Alternator?

    08 New to me Camry. 200k on it, don't know drive it. Car starts then dies. Won't start for a few mins then it comes on. I just took it for a drive and felt like idle is too low and was going to stop. Any basic trouble shooting? Can Autozone determine if battery or alternator...
  8. coopns

    Tire Sizing for different Camry

    Kids car just got, 08 Camry and it needs tires/rims. I have some lined up from an 06 Camry. Can someone help me determine if the 06 will fit on 08? Looks like it will but just wanted to confirm (and I don't really know what I'm talking about...)...
  9. coopns

    Air Intake

    I got some new wheels...18' Accord Sport...and it came with Air Intake Filter Induction Set Pipe Power Flow Hose (I copied/pasted cause I don't really know what I'm talking about). Dealer that sold it didn't know a whole lot besides some noise and boost. I know if give it a little rumble noise...
  10. coopns

    The Ol' Extented Warranty

    Used Honda Accord 2019, dealer serviced, certified Honda Pre-Owned. 80k on it. Just looking for some opinions on buying the warranty. I hate debating this...if I do take it, it puts my monthly up too much. I guess getting burned before I'm just not sure. I know...if can put that money...
  11. coopns

    Oil Leak

    I noticed a small bit of oil which looks to be coming from...where I'm pointing in pic. I tightened the two bolts underneath it but they were already tight. The oil filler neck is up top. Sorry that is an awful explanation, see pic. Ride on husqvarna.
  12. coopns

    Stall after start

    11 Volvo xc90 130k, don't know history, had it for 1 year. Would start and then struggle to idle and die. Would repeat and then give it some gas and it would get going. Happened a few times over the last 3 days, not every start. Now thinking it is just the first start of the day or longer...
  13. coopns

    Battery Chainsaw

    I got a battery powered chainsaw and can't believe it, perfect for around the yard. I just got the 12' blade greenworks. Battery lasts about 1hr ish depending on size of wood. Has powered through 12 -16 inch logs. Not loud, no gas and easy to take off chain/cleanup. Dummy easy (which is good...
  14. coopns

    Spark Plug Thoughts

    New ish to me Volvo xc90 2011. First time doing the plugs myself, wasn't bad. They would have been done once at some point would they, seeing they aren't Volvo plugs? The dirtiest one still had some debris/oil? at the bottom. Hard to tell but looked liked it. Do you clean that out/how or...
  15. coopns

    License Plates

    On highway the other day saw a MA plate...had to look a few times... Just number "1". Not 01, not business 1, just 1. I have seen as low as 8. Older couple heading to Cape Cod. Any other states have a lottery type system for low plate numbers? Kinda big deal in MA.
  16. coopns

    Identity Theft

    Picking up the mail and saw a letter addressed to me (in MA) but from Ohio, looked somewhat legit but often are junk mail. Decided to open it. Had my name/address with an official letter from State Of Ohio regarding Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Benefits which states..."According to our...
  17. coopns

    Starting Issue

    Ride on mower husqvarna. 1 year old battery that I keep up with trickle charger. I went to start it and wouldn't turn over at all. Put charger on it for 10 mins come back and starts right up. Left charger on it for 2 days came back, wouldn't turn over...nothing. 5 mins on charger again and...
  18. coopns

    Heat From Only Side

    11 Volvo...newish to me. The windshield heat only comes out of left side, other side blows cold. Any thoughts?
  19. coopns

    Identify Part

    Changing the oil and checking over the few things I can do...(not much). Took off the air filter housing and saw this 'T" and looked like a hose was missing. Of course I hit the "T" and fortunately found it. I don't know the orientation of the part, I just plugged it in. 2004 Camry
  20. coopns

    Dealer or Indy for repairs

    Have to get 11' Volvo xc90 with 120k looked at for consuming too much oil. I'm not sure who should look at it...indy volvo dealer with solid reviews or local Volvo dealer. Price difference is $40...120 vs 160. I care but would rather get best service/advice. Would dealer have any other tools at...