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  1. Brice

    Syntec 5W30 Full Syn - For the Ti fans Looks like a nice oil for those who like Titanium. I think this is part of the $32 oil/filter special at Oreilly.
  2. Brice

    NAPA - Castrol Edge 5qt $33.99 plus $15 Visa gift card rebate Ends 9/30

    $18.99 after rebate
  3. Brice

    Motorcraft Yellow in Hyundai?

    I had to top off my Bronco coolant not long after I bought it and got a jug of motorcraft yellow coolant. I noticed my wife’s palisade needs some. Radiator is full but overflow is empty. I checked her owners manual and it calls for a generic spec. Ethylene Glycol with Phosphate based coolant...
  4. Brice

    Ford can't figure out 2.7L Bronco oil capacity

    You may or may not find this interesting. The whole Bronco launch has been such a fiasco you would think something as simple as the oil capacity would be a non-issue. Luckily my truck has been great but I wanted to share the journey that is the mysterious oil capacity of my engine. TL;DR...
  5. Brice

    Old Supertech Bottle

    I saw someone selling some old supertech full synthetic on Facebook marketplace. I don’t remember the bottles ever looking like this but I’m a younger guy who probably wouldn’t have given it the time of day until recent years.
  6. Brice

    2021 Hyundai Palisade 3.8L - Kirkland 5W30 - 4,600 mi interval

    Ran a first test on my wife's car with 20k total miles. I've changed every 5k miles. 1st change was Valvoline advanced, 2nd change was Supertech (can't remember if it was 10k or 20k), 3rd change Kirkland. New fill I mixed 3.5qts of Kirkland and 3.5qts of Pennzoil Platinum to use up what I had...
  7. Brice

    2021 Ford Bronco 2.7L Ecoboost Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 - 3800 miles

    First UOA, dumped the factory fill at 1200 miles. Gen 2 Port/Direct Injection 2.7L Ecoboost. Filled with Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 API SP and changed at 5,000 miles to start rounded 5k intervals. About 4 months on this sample. I only live about 8 miles from work so mostly short trips. Was worried...
  8. Brice

    Amsoil Date Code

    I saw a case of Amsoil Signature Series on FB marketplace for $50 this morning. I offered $40 and she said come get it. I never planned to use Amsoil but couldn’t pass up the deal. Anyone know what this production date is? The packaging looked current but can’t decipher this based on what i googled.
  9. Brice

    Speedway Full Synthetic 5w-30

    Noticed this at the gas station awhile back. Any idea who makes this for Speedway?