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    Fake Filter Damage?

    and this
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    Fake Filter Damage?

    I knew people that got counterfeit NGK spark plugs and they bought them online.. But watch this video
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    Miscrimped Wix 57712

    Up until a couple of years ago I never heard of a problem with a Wix filter. Now recently I have heard quite a few especially in the last few months. Mann and Hummel apparently has done them any justice since taking them over.
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    Cummins 5.9 oil filters - Wix vs Baldwin - cut open

    I have always like Baldwin/Hastings filters. We used them for years in the trucking fleet with out issue....I think although Wix is also OK that Baldwin/Hastings always had a overall feeling of being more heavy duty
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    Odd filter issue

    When I worked for a NAPA store 1984-85 we had a couple of customers blow and suck on the oil filters they were buying. I had someone once ask for a another one, as the one I originally got for them failed their test. The owner said just put that other filter back in stock. No I didn't wipe it...
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    Exact filter I have in my 2018 Toyota Yaris IA (Mazda 2 Clone) a very well built filter...
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    Old wix 51516

    Back in the mid 80's I worked for NAPA a Big A was 1/2 mile down the road and both had the old Wix high quality oil filters... Back when EVERYTHING was made better. This particular Oil filter fit my Ford Escort I was driving then.
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    Any filter brands still made in the USA?

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    What’s your filter for beater car/ seldom driven vehicle?

    Wix, NAPA Gold, Hastings or Baldwin..With the cost of replacing an old rat so high (much less everything else) stick with quality . "Betsy" will need to be nursed through a couple more years. Engine is strong but those pot holes are killing ball joints and tie rod ends...
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    Wix 57002 or OEM Made in Thailand?

    I have been using the Wix 57002 and it is just fine...I had a scare when it looked like the louvers were closed so I cut it open and it was just fine.... Unlike most of the aftermarket filters for this application Wix (like OEM) doesn't have an anti-drain back valve.. So I guess if it were me...
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    [Cut Open] MicroGard SELECT MSL51356 (Virgin)

    Just like almost everything else...But, a nice looking filter
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    WIX 51372 CUT OPEN

    Looks like the Good Ole Time Wix
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    The long awaited Champ XL C&P

    That's a dandy!
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    Check boxes thoroughly - Bought at Walmart

    Metal can spin on no problem if it was cartridge filter they would have to go pretty deep to damage it. careless stock person with razor knife. A rookie mistake veteran stock persons tape of middle fingers on one hand so they can just pop boxes open with out cutting themselves on the cardboard...
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    Another NGK vs China spark plug success

    I just replaced a Torch plug in a 10 year old Husky lawnmower.. My elderly neighbor said it always took 20 pulls and even had to use starting fluid spray to get it running. I just put an NGK BPR6ES in and now it starts with one pull....EVERYTIME
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    Powerstroke 6.7: Motorcraft 2051s vs Wix/Napa 7151

    That NAPA Gold media looks like a Platinum media. As far as this filter goes, it looks like the Motorcraft isn't in the same league as Wix.
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    Lee Filters

    I used to buy them in the early 1980's for my 1974 Ford Pinto station wagon (2.3), Later on for my 1971 Chevy Impala and 1973 Chevy Malibu Wagon....They were decent filters the old National Auto I used to pick them up for a song when they were on sale..Used those 3 cars when I was in college and...