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    QSUD 5W-30 Noisy

    Changed the Mobil1 EP 5W-30 with QSUD on my 2015 Tacoma V-6, and the engine is noisier, and there is a valve tapping on the driver's side. This was after a 2 hour trip in the engine. Should I ignore it, or switch back to EP? The QSUD was cheap enough to where it won't kill me to drain it out.
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    Amsoil SVG versus Mobil1 Syn Gear Lube

    Wondering if Amsoil SVG gear oil for my Toyota Tacoma (non slip locking diff) is any better than the off-the-shelf Mobil 1 Syn Gear Lube. Both are GL-5. I want to change front/rear diffs, and the transfer case, all calling for GL-5. I guess using the LS gear oil in a non-LS diff is ok? <a...
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    South America Road Trip Completed

    Back in December, I <a href="" target="_blank">posted</a> on BITOG about a road trip I was taking from Colorado through Central and South America. I was in Southern Patagonia, when the COVID-19 Pandemic really started...
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    Drove to South America

    I left Colorado in September to drive the Pan American Highway south. I am in southern Colombia near the border with Ecuador, and plan to head south after the new year. I spent anywhere from 2 weeks in Guatemala to one day in Honduras. I shipped the truck (2015 Toyota Tacoma) from Panama to...
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    Lock/Unlock With Battery Disconnected

    I am shipping my vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Tacoma, in a shipping container. I am required to disconnect the battery. Fortunately it will be a sealed container and I can take the keys, but I still want to lock it. Will I be able to lock and unlock the truck with the battery disconnected? I suppose...
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    Emergency Towing Points

    I am trying to decipher the manual in my 2015 Tacoma regarding emergency towing points. I am assuming that <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">Type A</span></span> refers to a situation where you only attach a recovery strap to 1 point, and <span...
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    Royal Purple Filter Mileage Rating

    I can't find much info online about how long you can run a RP filter. Anyone have an opinion or knowledge on whether they can go as long as a Fram or Mobil-1, mileage-wise? I know they're great filters, but if the amount of media is on the small side, I suppose the mileage could be on the...
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    Seeking Advice Choosing Wheel Locks

    Trying to decide which of these 2 locks will fit my 2015. Amazon says either will fit, but I don't think they're taking into account my specific wheel, which is shown. I believe the package without the blue label is the better fit. The non-labelled package says it has a mag seat, which is...
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    Road Trip to Central America

    Apart from being crazy (I am), I am planning a long dreamt road trip to Panama, and perhaps even beyond. The "beyond" would entail shipping the vehicle via container from Panama to Cartagena, since there is a gap in the Pan American Hwy at the Panama/Colombia border. The timing is Nov, 2019...
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    Fram XG 6607 Pics

    Had this on a Mazda CX-5 for 2 OCIs and 13k miles. Seems kinda small for such high mileage. But it is supposed to go the distance.
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    2015 Tacoma, V6 Mobil-1 5W30, 4300 miles

    I was at 7 months with this oil, and the manual calls for 6 months OCIs, so I went ahead and changed it. I didn't have any concerns, but I did want to get a before number on the silicone before I replace the factory air filter. I'll test the oil again after a full OCI with the new air filter...
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    Mobil-1 M1-104A Cut Open

    Filter has almost exactly 10k miles and exactly 1 year (2 OCIs). Nothing remarkable about the can or ADBV, so I'm just showing the media. Looks like a solid product, and I could find no flaws. Generous amounts of glue. I let it dry in a paper towel for about a week. From a 2002 Honda...
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    Champion Air Filter Opinions?

    Getting ready to change out the factory filter in my '15 Tacoma after 40k miles. I've looked at both Purolator and Champion at AAP and Pep Boys. Both seem good, but I liked the gasket better on the Champion. Anyone have any opinions either way on the Champions? I'm not opposed to going with...
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    STP Air Filter Efficiency

    I watched my cousin changing the air filter in his Jeep using an STP filter. The box said 90% efficiency. That struck me as very low. Shouldn’t it be in the high 90s?
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    Flooded with Gas Dilute Oil?

    Accidentally flooded my 2002 Honda minivan. I absent-mindedly pumped the gas pedal when starting. Old habit from my old Toyota with the carburetor. Any idea if this causes much gas to get into the oil? I'm thinking a one-time flooding is not a big deal, but I tend to worry about things.
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    Mileage Dropped with PUP vs Mobil-1

    Have a 2015 Tacoma with about 30k miles on it. I've always run Mobil-1 5W-30. But this past winter I noticed it seemed noisy, and I switched to PUP 5W30. My mileage went from around 21 to 19 or so. The drop is pretty consistent. Doesn't seem any quieter, either. Anyone else experience a...
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    Rust Near Hatchback Hinges

    The area under my 2002 Odyssey hatchback, at the top, near and including the hinges, is starting to rust. It is not very accessible, but I was able to sand some of it with some 80-grit wrapped around a paint stirring stick. Any suggestions on how to tackle the remaining short of removing the...
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    Uses for Hand Cleaner

    I have a plunger type hand cleaner dispenser in my garage. It always leaves the last 25% in the can because the remaining weight isn't sufficient to feed the plunger. I hate to waste it. The remainder seems to work well for laundry pre-soak, cleaning the stainless kitchen sink. Has anyone...
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

    FYI, PUP is available on amazon (Prime) for 37.94 for a 6-quart case. Seems like a good price. If you "subscribe-and-save", it brings it down to 32. I decided to see if my Tacoma is any quieter this winter than with Mobil 1. It is pretty clackety. <a...
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    Royal Purple 10-2876 Cut Open

    This is from my wife's Mazda CX-5, with about 6,500 miles on the filter. It was sitting outside for a couple of days drying out, so ignore the wind-blown debris. Very robust filter, as expected. The brown smears on the end caps are excess glue. The filter area between the end-caps is only...