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    Pennzoil HPZ-37

    Are Pennzoil Platinum HPZ-37 filters currently colored yellow or silver/platinum? I think I've seen both online (<a href="" target="_blank">yellow at Amazon</a>, <a href=""...
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    Pennzoil PZ-37

    I'm thinking of getting an oil change at a Pennzoil oil change facility, and the specified filter for my car is a Pennzoil PZ-37 ... I understand that this is a rebranded Purolator filter. Is the filter acceptable for a ~1500 mile OCI?
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    Napa Pro Select, Silver, Gold

    Napa Pro Select vs Silver vs Gold ... do they all use the combo bypass/anti-drainback valve? Is the Pro Select sufficient for 6 month/1500 mile OCIs, using conventional oil, in dusty conditions? I'm looking specifically at the SFI 21356 vs SFL 31356 vs FIL 1356
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    Purolator L14610 vs NAPA Silver SFL31356

    Which is better? I'll be running PYB 5W-30 in a dusty climate, and will probably add only about 1500 miles in the next 6 months before I do another change.
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    PYB 10W-40?

    How is PYB 10W-40 compared to its cousin, PYB 10W-30?
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    Best "quick wax"?

    What's the best quick wax in your opinion? Right now I'm using Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax ... spray on a clean car, wipe off with a bit of a buff, and have it all done in about 5-10 minutes. Is there anything better out there? The qualities I'm looking for are: most protective...
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    Washing cars with recycled water or leave it dirty

    Inspired by the other thread about washing cars in the cold ... many of you stated that you would hand wash until it got too cool, and then you'd take it into the stalls ... but don't most of them have recycled water? So, which is better ... washing in freezing weather with recycled water, or...
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    Applying the Hand Brake to minimize trans damage?

    When I park, I put the gear into P, and with the regular foot brake still applied, I pull up the hand brake, then release the foot brake, and then turn off the car. Will this help prevent and/or minimize transmission damage from the car rocking back and forth without applying the hand brake?
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    How often to trickle charge my car battery?

    I travel maybe 20-30 miles per week on average, using the car once or twice a week. How often should I disconnect the cables and trickle charge the car battery?
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    Are all XW-20 and -30 oils API energy conserving?

    Are all API rated XW-20 and -30 oils "energy conserving" oils?
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    u.S. Postal Stamps

    Why are there lines across the stamp values on u.S. Postal Stamps? For example: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> <img src=""...
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    Baldwin/Hastings vs Wix

    Which would you prefer to run & why?
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    Spec Sheets for Oils?

    Is there a FAQ or something on this site that has links to the TDS/spec sheets for all the popular oils out there?
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    NAPA Silver vs O'Reilly's Microgard

    Are they the same, or is one better than the other? Thank you.
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    Low-mileage trips vs ethanol in gasoline

    I own cars that are driven short distances at a time, so I rack up mileage at a very slow rate. Therefore, it can easily take me weeks to burn through a full tank of gasohol (E10+gasoline). I know something like ISO-Heet can be used to help remove water from the gas lines, but would it (or...
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    The microfiber cloths we use to dry, wax, wipe the windows, etc.. do you launder them for reuse or just buy a new pack?
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    Undercarriage protection

    Would a rubberized undercoating or an anti-corrosion creeping liquid work better for undercarriage protection during winter? Or, perhaps, both at once?
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    3M Performance Finish Synthetic Wax

    Any opinions on this synthetic wax? Looks like it should be pretty easy to apply and buff off (immediately after application).
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    20W-40 SN conventional oils

    Does anyone know of any <span style="font-weight: bold">20W-40</span> ILSAC GF-5/API SN conventional oils out there?
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    Glad I removed my Purolator L14610

    After hearing all the horror stories with Purolators, I decided I needed to change my oil today. This is what fell out with the oil: <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Glad I only ran it for 500 miles.