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    40 year old motorcycle shop recommends Conventional 10-40 Castrol only

    I am reviving a 1982 Kawasaki GPz550 and asked about their recommendations for motor oil. This is a shared sump air-cooled bike. He said they only use Castrol 10-40 conventional as they have seen too many using a synthetic have clutch slippage. Might be right as I remember putting in, I think...
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    Two Fram Ultras cut open, last of my screen backed units

    So we have 2 Honda Fits. Been running the ultras and M1 EP 0W-20 for a long time. The first few pictures are from my 2013 Fit with 39k on the odometer and a bit over 5000 miles/one year on the oil & filter. Tough little critters to get into. The next set is from the wifes 2012 Fit with...
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    1969 SS Camaro LT1 Motor will not turn

    Trying to get some ideas for my older brother on this car. All stock with a replaced 350 with a M21 behind it. It has been garaged but not run for many decades. Life got in the way as he used to run it a few times a year. It was not parked because of mechanical issues, he did have to replace...
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    Mower running poorly - Ethanol gas?

    One of our mowers is a standard Troy-Built walk behind 6.5 B&S. I have had it about 10 years, got it used from a neighbor. The plug looks good, tried others, air filter is clean and the gas is fresh. Over the past few years it has just been running worse overall like it is almost sputtering...
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    1990 F150 Brake Woes

    Little history about the truck here in my thread here: My son has been working on this truck for almost a year and has put very few miles on it as the problems keep coming. Lately we are fighting with the brakes. He has...
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    Does conventional/semi Oil do anything better than full Synthetic?

    So I realize that most of the conventional oils are now a blend to meet certifications and full synthetic is a broad term but I have heard and read some info that has me curious. Some people seem the think that conventional oils do a better job of clinging to engine parts over a longer period...
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    Can a magnet lower particle counts?

    Just curious if anyone has tested for particles in the 4 to 20 micron size for a given oil filter then run it again for the same oil/time with a magnet.
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    Sludgy 1990 F150 5.0

    Son bought the truck with we are told 121000 on it and overall it looks correct. It starts/runs well and seems to have decent power. He tore into the intake to clean and decided to take the valve covers off. So the heads are not so pretty as we believe the truck sat for about 6 years. He has...