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    Break-in oil No ZINC

    Hi yall, not long ago i posted an oil sample in another topic. Long story short. Old 97 Audi receives brand spanking new engine unit (not rebuild) and for break-in oil was used this <a href=""...
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    '97 Audi Cabeiolet - 650 mile Amsoil

    Hi. The letter I attached below is what I sent to Blackstone with my oil sample. Its pretty well explained what the story of my car is. I usually buy always the "full synthetic" oil. Its just makes me feel better. This particular car and engine set up is proven in the audi community to run very...
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    Vw 2.0 tsi filter - MANN makes STP, WIX, Purolator..etc

    Hi guys. I have posted this in another forum (VW specific) but it is important. Have seen here some people having doubts if the Mann made in Germany is better than Mexican or American made filters. But appears that it country of manufactoring depends on the car/engien the filter is made for. For...
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    '15 MkT Stretch Limo 3.7L - Valvoline 5w20 syn

    Hi folks. I have been reading the Bob forum for years but never posted. I have couple interesting and rare oil analisys to show. The first post will be from the oil analysis on July 2017. My next post will be from the current oil analysis but it will be in few weeks. The oil analysis here is...