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    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    My 1990 Corvette ZR-1 with the Lotus designed LT5 will be going in for some servicing the first of next week, and I won't be able to get my usual Amsoil Z-Rod 10W-30 by then. The LT5 wants its high ZDDP levels, so standard oils in the 800-900 range won't work. I was looking for the High...
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    Chrysler NAG1 transmission fluid?

    Gonna do another transmission fluid change on my 2014 Challenger, and was wondering if there were any better options then what the dealer sells. I'm hoping to run my Challenger 500,000 km (300,000 miles), so anything the helps me get there is worth the money and effort. Thanks!