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    Stripped P/S Rack Pressure Line

    Hi everyone, I stripped the threads on the high pressure in line of my power steering rack. Does anyone know how to fix this? I assume a helicoil type fix would work in theory, but I am not sure that it can go deep enough etc with the drill. Pics for reference of what I stripped
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    Steering Rack Alignment

    Hi guys, I recently replaced the steering rack on an old Mitsubishi Mirage. The steering wheel is out by almost a half a turn. My question is: Can I remove the steering wheel and install it the right way, or do I need to align it by removing the connection the the steering rack itself? Just...
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    Balljoint with slightly different taper - OK to use?

    Hi guys, I have a Mitsubishi Mirage that I converted to a track car. In an effort to raise the front roll center, I am looking for longer ball joints. That is a MacPherson front strut and I want a longer lower ball joint that connects the upright to the lower control arm. I have found one...
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    Engine smoother after oil change

    Hi guys, I know for the most part there must be a placebo effect, but recently I changed the oil in my 6G75 Mitsubishi Diamante and I genuinely believe it got smoother. I went from Castrol Edge 5W40 with 6,500 miles on it to Valvoline SynPower 5W40. The engine is in good condition with no...
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    Nulon G70 for notchy transmission

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero manual. A common issue is that (especially when cold) 2nd gear is hard to get in. The Pajero forums recommend this friction modifier which apparently helps a lot...
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    How to check a flywheel?

    Hi guys, I am about to purchase a second hand flywheel (single mass). Just wondering what I should be looking out for? Is it like brake rotors where there should be a minimum thickness?
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    Storing engine parts?

    Hi guys, I want to store a set of camshafts. As they are prone to rusting, is there a special oil spray I should be using to ensure they don't rust?
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    Gas cap keeps getting loose

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante and the gas cap keeps getting loose. So much so that even while driving I can start smelling gas. I ended up buying a new genuine gas cap but the same thing is happening. I am thinking that there must be some pressure in the gas tank that gets it...
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    Trans solenoids - Resistance too high?

    Hi guys, I tested my F5A51 (Mitsubishi Diamante) 5 speed transmission solenoids. The workshop manual states that they should be 2.7-3.4 ohms at 68F. My results were 4.4 ohms for all of them at 68F. I am just curious what does it mean if they are higher resistance than the workshop manual says...
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    Transmission going into limp mode

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 Diamante with a 5 speed auto transmission. While towing a heavy load, it went into limp mode. After that it drove ok for about 20 miles, then started going into limp mode each time I drive it, Limp mode would kick in while reaching 30ish mph at first, but now it goes...
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    ATF Cooler - Direction of flow?

    Hi guys, I installed an auxiliary cooler on my car with a thermostatic bypass valve. This is the routing: Transmission--> Bypass valve --> auxiliary cooler (if ATF is hot enough, otherwise straight to the next step) --> OEM radiator ATF cooler --> Transmission My issue now is I don't know...
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    DIY Injector cleaning - What cleaner?

    Hi guys, I am making up a DIY injector cleaner using a small fuel pump, hosing etc where I'll have a trigger switch to turn the inject on/off and the pump will feed it the cleaning fluid. What is a good cleaning fluid to use for this purpose? Acetone? Methylated spirits? Diesel fuel?
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    Extra Load tires - Firmer ride?

    Hi guys, I noticed some tires have an extra load variant option. Would this make the ride a lot firmer compared to the standard load variant?
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    Silicone rubber valve cover gaskets?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if silicone rubber is a good material for valve cover gaskets? I ask this as I have heard they are more prone to leaking that normal rubber.
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    Darker varnish spot on rocker arm

    Hi guys, I have a Mitsubishi 6G75 engine with 108,000 miles. I just took the rocker cover off and it is very clean underneath with minimal varnish, except one rocker arm over a single exhaust valve is darker with varnish than everything else. I assume this suggests that this rocker arm gets...
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    Harmonic Balancer - Holes for external balancing?

    Hi guys, If a harmonic balancer has holes drilled into one side at the factory, would this suggest the engine is externally balanced? And would this mean that harmonic balancers are not interchangeable?
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    Getting rid of carbon in exhaust ports?

    Hi everyone, I am in the midst of replacing the motor in my Mitsubishi Diamante (3.5L 6G74 to a 3.8L 6G75). The 6G75 is on an engine stand with no exhaust manifolds on and I can see carbon build up. I can easily scrape it off and it is quite thin. There is also what appears like a bit of oil...
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    Automatic transmission shift feel

    Hi everyone, I noticed in my 5 speed auto Mitsubishi Diamante that after I reset the ECU the transmission shifts smoothly. The TCU has a "fuzzy logic" way of adapting to drivers. After a while the shifts start becoming harsher, like the slip time between gears is short and there's a bit o a...
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    Engine lift - Where do the small wheels go

    Hi guys, I am assembling a foldable engine lift crane similar to this: <img src="" alt="[Linked Image from]" class="post-image"...
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    Pulling to the left

    My car was pulling to the left after a wheel alignment. I took it back to the alignment shop and the guy said to swap the 2 front tires left to right. I did so and now it pulls a bit to the right. So it suggests the tires were causing this. I have checked the tires, they look fine and tread...