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    OK So What Are The Real Life Differences In Bidirectional Scan Tools

    I see The Car Care Nut did a review last month on the Xtools D7, says it does realistically anything Tecstream2 will do for the weekend warrior. Im in the market , finally for something that does more than read codes . What I don't like about this rig is the yearly annual update for...
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    I Finally Let My 18 Camry Run To 7000 Miles OCI , Yucch

    I have done Oil changes at around 5000 even back when people were still doing them at 3. This is one of those times when I just didn’t notice The paint marker writing I leave on the door jam showing when it was last changed. My car doesn’t do anything exciting and so only a four...
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    Is This Fuel Hose Ethanol Rated

    I have been having some issues of engine surging with my 2016 Simplicity Regent 48” with 25hp Vanguard engine, 360 hours. I cleaned the carb twice it ran fine then started surging again. So I started looking at the fuel line as in a couple hours run time I see a tiny spotof black goo in...
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    FYI Penzoil Is Having Rebates On Their Synthetic Oils Until 3/14/21

    I just got the notification yesterday from a coupon sire. $17 rebate for 2x 5qt jugs and other similar deal on quarts. Check their rebate site for specifics, retailers participating ( Wallymart is one 🥳) as well as exact items included..
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    I Found Out That against Steel Rounds Actually Can Come Straight Back.

    I know all about ricochets and thought I knew exactly when and where they occur. I was wrong. They normally go somewhere off to the side , up or down someplace anywhere but straight back. Well not always. I was shooting some light loads at an old boiler expansion tank a while...
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    2018 Horse Trailer, How To Fix connection Plug That Has Lock Lug Sanded Off.

    It’s a very nice trailer with an OEM loom all molded nice and tight in great shape ,:cry:but..... The PO had it pop out and the small lock nub got sanded away. I really hate to chop it off and stick on an add on. Is there any brilliant way to build up that nub that locks it in...
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    Graphic Evidence Why You Need A Fuel Shut Off!!

    This has been around a while but it bears repeating. Yes it's more about winter storage but I'd extrapolate it to things not run on a regular basis. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    GCV 160 Honda Mower Starts Runs fine Quits in 2 Minutes

    I'm trying to fix my buddies Trot Built mower that is about 2-3 years old. As the title says runs great then starts stumbling and quits . First thought was the gas cap vent , nope . Then I filled the tank pulled the line at the carb and let it all drain. No issues with the shut...
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    Hey Astro 14 Whats Your Take On This Fighter Plan Comparison?

    This is a question on Quora concerning which plane is best in a scrap. From the credentials id say he knows his do do. Rick Scheff, flies fast jets, drives fast cars, drinks expensive whiskey Answered July 8, 2019 · Upvoted by Adrian Kruger, Qualified pilot with a PPL, student of...
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    Here’s A Panel Welding Trick That Will Blow You Away

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Anybody who has welded patches knows they are gnarly . Look at what this guy does and that PERFECT tony gap to fill!!
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    What’s The Deal With Rotella Rebates When Buy It At Walmart?

    <a href="" title="httpsrotellashellcomenuscouponsrebatesandsweepstakesbetterfueleconomymeetsbetterwalleteconomyhtmliframeL0RJWS90NXQ2Lw"...
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    Here’s a weird tire wear vs pressure issue

    My daughter has a 16 Toyota Rav with OEM tires. We've kept the tire rotation around 6k +- miles . The car has around 40k miles. She said the fronts were wearing on the outside and inside more and it was getting louder. I figured low air pressure even though I'd set them higher than...
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    What’s with the plastic like felt under new Honda?

    It covers the entire bottom of the car. I'm wondering what the rust angle is here living in the snow belt. It seems a great giant collection point for salt sand and moisture between its top and the bottom of the base <img src="/forums/graemlins/06.gif" alt="bop" title="bop" height="35"...
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    CTEK MX5 Battery Charger What Do You Think?

    I got one a couple months ago looking mainly for the battery desulphation revival use. Something to supplement my 1981 Craftsman rig that's not a smart charger. I tried it on a few sort of sick batteries. I have a load tester so know each is just in the green but getting weak. I've...
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    2013 Sonata. Suddenly Very Dark Oil

    Yes I know all about the engines loving to blow . 67000 miles, always synthetic every 5k. I noticed on last oil change that the level seemed to drop half a quart and it was nasty dark. I went ahead and changed it a few weeks ago and so far it has about 875 miles on it. Strangely...
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    Pf 56 AC DELCO FIts What Engines???

    Believe it or not I spent over an hour and can't find anything indicating the entrance that they fit.
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    Question on late model VW Gas model. Oil Stick O Ring

    I was looking at a girls Oil level a couple days ago . When I pulled it up this little O ring, tattered looking just went sliding down the stick and I grabbed it before it managed to go down the tube. I told he whatever it was she didn’t want that thing sitting there waiting to stuf up...
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    Its just amazing the [censored] oil change places will do to make a buck. My buddy who is a pretty good wrench himself has started getting lazy the last few years so he tries to let the oil change outfits change his when he can. He hits the bargains and coupon things whenever he can...
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    so What Is The Cause Of The Infamous Hyundai Theta

    We have 2 of the cursed things both after the supposed fix date of April 2012. As you’d expect we aren’t keeping either to anywhere near the warranty end periods. first exclusively Sonatas and now the Elantras are blowing. Our 15 Elantra got taken in with a strange ticking in the timing...
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    Where Do You Get The Shell Rebate Coupons?

    I’m not seeing any of them around if the retail stores. I grab my annual tractor oil T6 at WallyWorld last week and since then I’ve been lookin for the coupon you need to send in. I’m not seeing any near the Oil displays. I looked it up online and see some kind of process on their...