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    Question regarding Dialysis

    I have failing kidneys, at this point not quite bad enough for dialysis but getting there. Wondering what are the thoughts of anyone here who is on dialysis or has any experience with it. Its not like I'm young, I'm 72 with other problems. So lets hear from you'al out their.
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    China Today

    Click on the link, shows how bad the folks in China have it.
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    Zeibart RustProofing

    Anyone out there in consumer land wonder how good Zeibart rustproofing is. Just ask my wife, we had her car rustproofed in 2006, we never drive it in the winter, it's stored, today she decided to use it because all the salt here has been washed off the roads. While shopping her rear break line...
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    Using filter for 2nd oil change

    For those here that use their filter for 2 oil changes do you drain the old oil from the filter and replace the filter or just leave it in place and add fresh oil.
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    Why do I again have to log in every time I visit this site? Can not this be fixed? Yes I know all about checking the little box.
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    Tiny Houses

    Anyone watch the new series Tiny Houses on the DIY channel?
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    Logging In

    Why do I need to log in every time I come here. Yes I know to check the little box. Many times when I check the box I don't even stay loged in till I go to a topic. What's up.
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    Slide-Glide for Semi Auto's

    I'm usually pretty skeptical of these super duper wonder lubes, but some of my shooting buds highly recommended Brian Enos's Slide Glide. Boy that makes a world of difference right off the bat, much smoother, even sounds different, does everything Brian claims. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
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    The Tire Rack

    The founder of the South Bend-based Tire Rack, Pete Veldman, died Monday.
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    Spray Gun to Spray Oil

    Any ideas on a fairly inexpensive gun to spray oil for rustproofing? No need for a high priced unit as I'll only use it maybe 2/3 times.
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    AMPRO Tools

    Anyone know anything about Ampro air tools? I picked up a 1/2 inch impact wrench yesterday and seems to work well. Got it at a pawn shop, looked almost new and they sold it to me for only $35.00. Claims to put out 400 ft. lbs. of torque.
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    Pocket Hose

    Anyone out there have any experience with this "As Seen On TV" Pocket Hose? I bought one today at WalMart, and used it to wash the car, very lightweight, and did shrink back as they claimed. Just wondering about others experiences. Don't need any replys from those who claim none of the "As...
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    Log in

    Why do I have to keep logging on. I logged on 6 times tonight. Yes I check the little box.
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    ROKU Television

    Anyone here get a ROKU unit for watching movies and TV showes? We just hooked one up, looks pretty good but very limited experience so far. If nothing else it was free.
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    Chinese Riots

    Just now watching all the Chinese Rioting over trying to purchase iphones. Amazing all that while only earning slave wages.
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    Drain & Fill Chart

    At one time there was a chart that gave how many drain and fills were required to change close to all of the tranny fluid. I had it all written down and lost it, anyone out there able to find it in the archives, heck I don't even know how to get there. Thanks in advance
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    Wet Shaving

    Has anyone here gone back to the old way of shaving with brush and soap and a double edged safety razor? I've used the throwaway razors for the last few year and have finally gotten tired of the results. Returned to the double edged razor and now get close shaves. Just wondering?
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    Donation to Veterans

    Just heard on Fox Business that Advance Auto is making a $10,000 donation to the Veterans. One more reason to shop there.
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    HarborFreight Tools

    For all those out there who continually bash HarborFreight tools, here is an experience of mine today. I have never needed to replace a spring on any of my 30/40 autos I've owned in 67 years till today. So off to H/F I go to get a spring compressor for the outlandish sum of $7.90 after all...
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    Horse Poo

    Howdy; I live in Northern Indiana's Amish country. Anyone out there have any ideas how to remove dried on horse manure from the sides of their car before waxing. And you folks out there think all this Amish stuff is quaint. Try your 2 stall garage on a hot summers day, quaint isn't the word...