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    I hate working on the ground.

    The best thing I’ve ever found is a couple 6-8’ x 2’+- strips of used shag carpet. Cardboard is good and I used it for 20+ years but the carpet is just nicer. It folds up and rolls up nice so it takes much less space. It’s also handy for holding down tarps and what not so they don’t flap...
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    kia engine issues...really serious or overinflated?

    Oh boy you nailed it on that one🫣. Best advice is when you Unload your Hyundai is try to use a combined dealership that sells Hyundai . That way if you are desperate you can grab another 🙈 Hyundi and if you are trading for another brand you won’t get RAPED quite as badly. That trade in...
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    Sale fell through on a hard to sell home primarily because of items in and condition of basement

    I make up a small cardboard sign with FREE spraypainted on it. Nearly everything goes
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    You’ll just love that newer vaccine when they stick you. I don’t mind needles one bit and never did but that second shot had me howling. Buck up and be ready. 🫣. It’ll definitely get your attention
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    I am cruel and basically mean.

    I do the mowing and properly so. My wife being German born drives the mower like she drives a car. There’s just something about those folks in the DNA about rushing at them expense of tearing things up. I’m much kinder on the equipment and above all have no concern for time. Besides ...
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    Ever use Marvel Mystery oil? Why?

    I read a SB long ago that the GM fuel pumps of that era had issues with the fuel gage sending unit not play well with ethanol gas. Mine in my 98 did just as yours did so you never truly trusted it even though it still worked. The replacement pumps even aftermarket seem yo hold up as good or...
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    Surprised at the gun lube prices...

    That seems going a tad far. I’m surprised the dope mules we were always after never thought to use that to hide the stink of their marijuana. There’s few things that hold the aroma as long as something fibrous soaked in 🙊Hoppes.
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    Tires on new Camaros cracking due to very cold weather

    Gee, and to think at the beginning that it was JUST another case of Chinese tires doing what they do.
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    Ethanol vs non Ethanol gas octane issues

    No Cats on that beast why not buy airplane gas? 100LL. The LL means low lead but it has 5x the lead needed in most small plane engines but Your GM will thrive on it. It’s probably the best for long term storage as well. Most small airports will sell it by the can or at least did...
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    Hyundai and Kia fire recall

    Who wants to own something that you are always wondering if and when it’s going to die and balance it against the time left on the warranty . Factor in the 🤮trade in valve and it’s a classic case of “ You get what you pay for” If you like them folks have at it . There’s plenty of them to...
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    Minimum metal thickness for machine screw threads?

    They do make rivnuts sets. Just like a riveter but leaves a threaded insert. Very nice if you ever need to remove things For work. HF even sells the kits
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    Just because a fuse looks ok doesn't mean it is.

    It’s even more fun when you find the fuse box lips lost their tension and full contact begins to fade. I’ve seen two of mine that got so hot that all you need to do is feel around the tops until you get branded . On my old Toyota Celica I found it by just looking under the dash in the...
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    I hate Texas toll road!

    When I lived in Co back in the early 80s it always seemed like a state of war existed between them and Texas🤪.
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    Distance to empty

    I remember that article well. They said the 1980 caddy digital fuel gauge was by far the biggest single complaint in their entire history. It was so accurate they had to degrade it intentionally enough to quell the rage. It was mainly caused by the unequal drop at the beginning...
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    Why I like Costco gas

    Sams is cheapest here in Northern NewYorkistan. Then there’s the discount for using their credit card. It all burns the same in my experience around here and at least it’s fresh because they sell a lot. I only wish people would use the Sams App and not the cards. It really speeds...
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    Howell Torpedo 1896

    I stumbled on an article about the old S boats the US used before and all through WW2. I was surprised those old pig boats soldiered on throughout the whole war. Somewhere in here is the horrific tale of brass hat stupidity concerning faulty (...
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    Starter Motors?

    Do yourself a favor and save a pile of money too. Take yours to a local rebuilder. Then you’ll know it’s right .I’ve never paid over $100 for any type in 30+ years. I never had one die on me again either beyond a couple that wore brushes in time. Look for starter shop or DC Motor...
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    Current Walmart oil pricing

    There’s no tariffs or duties of any kind between US, MX, CA made products among those countries . NAFTA
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    People are driving like maniacs!

    Remember what that area was like when 95 dead ended half way down! That was a hell on earth when it got busy. North of Miami. Even today it’s a crap show. Every time I’m in fla I drive by at lest 1 motorcycle accident with them laying in the ditch all twisted up. I cringe when I...
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    0w16 for new hybrid

    I believe this guy is what most would call an expert. For some strange reason he agrees with crazy me on not doing the extended oil changes . You can believe him or Gretta and the climate crowd who’s agenda doesn’t follow your cars longevity interests. My 18 SXE oil is pretty dirty...