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    Rust on brake rotors, when is it a problem (picture)

    Hi all, Could you take a look at the picture and state if you think the rust alone (outside of any other hypothetical factors) is a problem necessitating replacement of rotors? If the minimum thickness of the rotors is within spec, is there any reason I would have to replace the rotors?
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    2010 Taurus Limited not recognizing key fob

    I recently purchased a 2010 Taurus limited with 100k on the clock. It has the push-button start and I have started having issues where it doesn't recognize the key fob and the car won't start. It seems to help if I press the lock/unlock button on the fob and then it will usually work. The...
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    How much would a car in this condition be worth?

    I am selling my car on Craigslist, but it is a bit of a junker, because of that it's difficult to use KBB to get an accurate value on it. Perhaps you could help me out It's a 2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL FWD with 276,000 miles moonroof, leather. It runs and drives but has a bad vavle body and...
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    Questions about buying cars at dealerships

    When you ask them if they're firm on the price and the salesman tells you that he has to go talk to his manager to see if he can budge on price any, is there any degree of truth to this at all? Do car salesmen really have no authority of their own to actually negotiate and sell a vehicle and can...
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    What could cause a car to need a fuel system flush

    Anybody know why a Fuel System Flush and Cleaning might show up on a carfax report? As in what would necessitate it? The car is an '09 Taurus.
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    Questions about Kelly Blue Book

    I found an '05 Five Hundred AWD SEL for sale from a reputable dealer with only 46k on the odo for 5,995. I thought to myself, that seems like a good deal. I look at and the value of said car in good condition is only $3,220 private party and 5,332 from a dealer! Why does it seem like the...
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    Thought on buying rebuilt title with documentation

    This afternoon I am going to go look at a 2010 Ford Fusion with 90,000 miles that has a rebuilt title. The dealership that I am buying it from claims to have the state inspection sheet that shows that only the front bumper was replaced and he says he also has before and after pictures of the...
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    Advice on buying a used car if the price seems low

    I am looking at buying a 2015 Subaru Forester I found on It has 66K on it and it's a premium with the all weather package and auto. KBB is like 20k on it but they're only asking 16,500. I asked them for a carfax and they sent an Experian Autocheck which says it's been in no accidents...
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    Thoughts on buying a car with a rebuilt title?

    Hello all, I found a really nice '14 Forester 2.5i on Craigslist, it's a touring edition completely decked out with all the options and 47k on the clock. MSRP is somewhere around 22,000+ and he's asking 15,500. He says it is a rebuilt title that he purchased from an auction and fixed himself...
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    changing out a valve body in '06 Ford Five-Hundred

    Vehicle: 2006 Ford Five-Hundred 3.0 liter FWD 6 speed automatic, 259,000 miles I have had a transmission that occasionally starts hunting and slamming gears when driving. I have driven around it for the past 50,000 miles but I was thinking about putting in a new valve body in the transmission...
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    Thoughts on buying a slightly used Mitsu Outlander

    I have been thinking about purchasing a slightly used 2014 or 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander because I understand that the value of those cars is very low. Lower than the Subarus, Hondas and Toyota crossovers etc. What is it that is so bad about these cars that they don't sell? It seems like you can...
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    Should I replace my engine too along with trans

    I wanted to get some opinions. I have a 2006 Ford-Five Hundred with 249,000 miles on it FWD Auto 6-speed. <span style="font-weight: bold">GOAL: </span> Keep it on the road for as long as economically feasible so I can save up my money for a brand new car. <span style="font-weight...
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    How can I look up what transmission a specific car

    Does anyone know of a website or something of the likes where I can look up what make and model of transmission a specific vehicle has? More Specifically, I'm trying to figure out what transmission is in a six speed 2006 ford five-hundred. All I know is it's made by Aisin.
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    How can I remove torque strut/motor mount insert?

    Hey guys, the motor mount insert (rubber piece) is bad on my Ford Five-Hundred. I called O'reilly and they don't have the whole torque strut but they do have the insert. Does anyone know how to get the insert out and put the new one in?
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    How can I tell what the offset of my wheels are?

    I have a bent rim that can't be bent back on one of my wheels. It's running on the spare wheel right now. I want to find a wheel at a junkyard that will fit and work but I don't know how to tell what the proper offset and lug spacing is to find one that will work. Can anyone help me out? The...
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    Have factory paint jobs gotten worse or better?

    If you look at any new car today, even upscale cars, there is always always orange peel in the finish. Has it always been like this? I've heard that modern day thinner paint layers, automation and tighter controls on emmisions have meant paint jobs have actually gotten worse in terms of orange...
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    New Subaru Foresters burning oil?

    I am currently saving up for a brand new 2015 Subaru Forester but I have heard the rumors going around about how some of them burn oil. Apparently it is written in the owners manual that it is acceptable to burn a quart of oil every 1000 miles. I was at the dealership the other day test driving...
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    Can I get away with not turning the rotors?

    I have a 2006 Ford Five-Hundred with 232,000 miles on it and I only want to keep it for another 10k - 20k more miles. I'm in the middle of changing out the rear brake pads (fronts were good) and the pads had worn so far down without me noticing that on one rotor it had started cutting a groove...
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    How you know when brake pads need to be replaced?

    How do you know when your brake pads need to be replaced? When I brake, I hear a funny low pitched rubbing sound coming from the rear
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    Is it economical to buy new?

    I want to get a crossover SUV but I'm not sure if I'll buy used or new. If you get new, you to put on the most reliable of the vehicles miles, you get a warranty and you get better gas mileage. I can buy a brand new 2014 crossover for between 20 - 25k. Or I could buy a used 2004ish crossover...