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    Facebook Question

    Hi, Please give me your opinions. About a month or two ago an old friend of mine requested to be my friend on FB, so I accepted. I haven't talked to the guy in 35 years or so. Do you think it's odd that he requested to be friends and then has nothing to say to me?
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    Drunk and in a Bad Mood, Man Shoots His Toilet

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Kawasaki Man

    Was thinking of posting this in the photos section but I thought it would be better off here. My 40 YO +/- nephew is now a college professor PhD and races motorcycles for a hobby. I think he's quite the dude and I'm proud of him. <img src="/forums/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="cool"...
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    Got Some Soft Saddlebags

    Made by MotoCentric. I had the tail bag too but it would not connect to the saddlebags the way it was supposed to so I sent it back. This changes the looks of the bike but I'm glad to have some room to carry stuff instead of carrying it in a backpack or under a bungee cord on the back seat...
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    You're not even safe in bed any more.

    Drunk woman runs into his house at 3:30 AM. <a href="" target="_blank">Sleeping man, killed in his own bed</a>
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    Seeking Better Wearing Motorcyle Tires

    The Metzeler Sportec M1 tires were supposedly new when I bought the bike last May 1, and I was told today that the rear tire will need replacing in 300 to 500 miles, which will only be about 4,000 miles on the tire, and I don't ride hard. I used to get 2 or 3 years out of rear tires, it seems...
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    Home Made Kefir "Beer"

    I don't drink alcohol, at least not store bought booze, but I've been making this for a week or so now and I love it. <img src="" alt="" /> It's made with pH 7 - 7.5 pure water, raw sugar, kefir grains, and fruit, and...
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    Motorcycle Engine Guards - Do I Need Them?

    Was thinking of getting some for my bike but I kind of think I need them like a hole in the head.
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    Would this muffler fit on my 4 into 1?

    They say these sound good, made by Dunstall : <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They're a lot less than a...
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    Rebuilt Carbs From Ethanol Damage

    Do bikes often need to have carbs rebuilt or fuel pumps replaced from ethanol damage?
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    Bikes wihout a center stand

    Is it hard to adjust the chain on a bike with no center stand? My bike has one, and I find it a handy thing to have, but most cruiser bikes do not have this. Do many people buy rear wheel stands to do this on cruiser bikes? I had one for my United Motors sportbike.
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    Mixing Rotella 15w40 with Delvac 15w40

    Is it OK to do this? I have a quart of Rotella 15w40 left over that I'd like to use up by adding it to my bike motor oil in another month or so with 2 quarts of Delvac 15w40. I hope this isn't a dumb question.
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    Norelco Shaver Advice

    Hey guys, What should I do with my Dad's old (mid 70s model) Norelco triple header shaver? It doesn't cut very good any more. After I shaved I used to be able to dump the shavings into the trash but lately I see no shavings inside it and I don't know where they went. Should I get a new head...
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    '91 Corolla : PP 5w30?

    Last July I changed the oil in my neighbor's Corolla with Pennzoil HM 10w30. Around 4/1 or so I'm going to change oil in my 2 vehicles and his car, and I've been thinking of using PP 5w30 I have left over rather than buy new oil, and using Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic in my car. This Corolla has...
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    Rode a 650 V Star Today!

    I've wanted to try one of these for a long time. I had a feeling I'd like it, and I really did. This is a 2005 bike. I had a blast on it for the 20 minutes or so I rode it. The Cobra pipes sound good and they had it tuned real good and it ran beautiful. It has 16,000 miles. I've seen them come...
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    Update on Cycle Shop Situation

    Hi, Got my bike back today, and wow, I'm very pleased with it. It runs better than ever, more power, starts great, and was not damaged. They said : * The valves were too tight * The intake cam was <span style="font-weight: bold">one tooth</span> out of adjustment. They treated my $3k bike...
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    WD-40 Chain Lube - Boraticus?

    Hoping Bro Boraticus will chip here. I just sprayed my chain with WD40. Got fed up with motor oil on it - seemed to attract too much crud. I like that WD40. Seems to wash old crud off well. Should I wipe off any excess with a rag or just let it air dry / evaporate? Thank you. I think I'm...
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    Not Pleased With Cycle Shop Situation

    I rode my pampered cycle to a bike shop that's 7 miles away Wednesday, after they told me last Friday that they will check the valves and adjust them if necessary on 2/23 and the bike would be ready on 2/24. So, I arranged rides from and to this place on these days. I stopped in there a couple...
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    Feral Pigs

    I saw about 3 hours of a very interesting TV show a while back called Hogs Gone Wild. It was about men that hunted and captured wild hogs [feral pigs in the USA], and if they got into danger they would stab the hog in the heart. If these things are so much of a nuisance and multiplying so much...
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    Metzeler Tires Cheap?

    A guy I was talking to the other day had a Michelin tire put on his Honda CBR 600 and said the Metzeler tires on my bike are "inexpensive tires". I thought Metzeler were very good tires.