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    Zerex Original Green says IAT

    I thought I had read that Zerex Original Green wasn't IAT anymore, but the label on what I used today claims that it still is IAT. Date code from the jug: I19303 145GR 07:22 1142 <img...
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    Grease history for post hole digger

    I am in the process of rebuilding a vintage 3-point attached PTO driven post hole digger. It is a Danuser model F8. From old manuals that can be found online it called for Texaco Marfak #1 grease. The next more modern recommendation from the manufacturer was Texaco Multifak #2 grease. The...
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    Motorcraft Dark Green Replacement

    I'm going to be changing the antifreeze in a 2011 Ford Flex. Is there an aftermarket antifreeze that I may use in place of the original dark green antifreeze?
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    Real 5hp air compressors

    There are some models of 5hp air compressors that do not require a magnetic starter. The models that do require the starters are a few hundred more. Is the added cost of the different motor and starter worth the added cost? My guess is it has something to do with the longevity of those parts...