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    To analyze or not to analyze? 2012 Mazda5

    I had a 2014 CX5. It was an outstanding vehicle. LOVED it!
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    QSUD 5W30 in 2.3 Ecoboost

    To the best of my knowledge, that Motorcraft syn blend was made by Phillips 66, and always showed great UOA's. I'm a Quaker State full syn fan as well. Is the Quaker State better than Motorcraft???? Both great oils!
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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    Vandersteen is a very well respected manufacturer. If I was looking at Vandersteen, I would probably be leaning towards an upscale integrated or separates to extract what the Vandersteens have to offer. I don't see the point of a receiver anymore unless you are doing home theater as well. A low...
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    TCW3 in lawnmower maintenance dose

    Startron by Starbrite is a very good additive that I've had real good luck with. It is designed to combat the uglies associated with ethanol fuel. If you think the carb is dirty, I like Berryman B12 injection cleaner.
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    Buying House on 1.1 Acres. Need Zero-Turn Lawnmower and Weedeater/Blower Recommendations.

    I run a 2018 Gravely ZT HD-52. Hydros are ZT-3100 (entry level commercial). I have over 200 hours on it, and have only done oil changes (engine, and hydros) valve adjust, air filter, and sharpen blades. A solid machine. My son runs a 2020 ZT HD-60, and he is just as pleased as I am. I have a...
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    Post your latest boat or PWC oil and filter change

    2009 Volvo Penta 3 ltr, Rotella 30W, and Fleetguard LF651
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    What's your factory carry ammo, and why?

    Regardless of caliber, I have HPR Ammo. If I remember correctly, the projectiles are Hornady XTPs.
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    Just Sold My Boat

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    Post your latest 2 stroke mix

    90 octane ethanol free with 50-1 Echo Red Armor
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    Toro Suzuki 2 stroke vs 4 stroke: What would you choose?

    Had a Toro two stroke years ago with the GTS engine. What a machine that was. I sold it to buy a Toro 4 stroke mulcher. Compared to the two stroke, it felt like pushing a tank. I loved that two stroker!
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    MerCruiser 7.4L Flat Tappet

    Yes it does, and that is what will go into my 3 ltr VP. Synthetic 20W-50 VR1. It should arrive today.
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    Quicksilver (Mercury Marine) 35-802886O (Ford FL-1A)

    My experience, and 2 cents with large diameter filters with greater surface area, one full turn way be too much. Try 7/8 turn, 3/4 if that's still too hard to remove.
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    Post your latest boat or PWC oil and filter change

    2009 Glastron SSV175 w Volvo Penta 3 ltr. Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W-40 Fram PH30 Two Fleetguard LF651 on the shelf for future changes Just acquired the boat from a Navy Vet who bought it for grandkids. Less than 100 hours on it. In the shop for a thorough service.
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    Marine Gear Oil for lower units

    In 2007 I bought a Stringray 195 LX with a Volvo Penta SX drive system. I thought it was superior to the Mercruiser. The cone clutch was quiet, and I never saw any particulate, or milk in the lube that I saw with Mercruiser. That being said, Volvo Penta service is not available locally for me...
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    bike chain failure

    Now they also have Dumonde Pro X Lite. I am a big fan of Squirt, but am trying the Pro X on my chain now.
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    Browsing for a new ride

    Years ago I bought a Trek 750 Hybrid. That bike did everything right. I really enjoyed, but since moved on to road bikes.
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    Bike Chains: Longevity & Quality

    I averaged 210 lbs over the years, and got ten years out of my Shimano 105 chain. I broke a side plate, but no stretch. I was happy with it, but think the Sram replacement might shift a bit better.
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    bike chain failure

    The blue was for off-road, and the yellow (Lite) was for road bikes.
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    Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Graphene

    I applied the Graphene Flex Wax on my Ram last year. I got almost a full year out of it. The hood sheds water, but no longer beads. It is still quite shiny. We applied Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Flex Wax on my wifes Mustang, and Tucson. They both look great. I didn't have any issues with either. I...