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    Popular Science - April 1976 on Synthetic oil

    I'm also skeptical about high compression not requiring premium fuel when using synthetic oil.
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    Synthetic oil in an air compressor

    If you put detergent motor oil (like what you'd put in your car) in your air compressor, it will turn milky looking. You want to run a non detergent oil. For home use, it doesn't matter if it is conventional or synthetic.
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    What do 135/70R15 tires fit?

    Smart car or air cooled VW?
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    Post your latest E0 purchase

    $4.70 per gallon for E0 $4.29 per gallon for E10 Okmulgee, Oklahoma
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    Wix 51348

    What does the center tube look like?
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    Need new air compressor.

    There are compressor shops that can swap the compressor head and motor onto a new tank for you.
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    Purolator made WIX spotted

    I'm interested in seeing this filter cut open as well.
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    Need new air compressor.

    Here are two high quality 5 horsepower units Saylor-Beall Champion
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    Need new air compressor.

    What's your budget? Some very reliable units are still made for a high price. A used industrial compressor can be had for cheap if you can wait for the right deal.
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    Cost of Shaving

    BITOG was where I first learned out double edged safety razors. There are so many different choices for affordable shaving!
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    The Best SAE 30 Diesel Engine Oil

    Chevron Delo 400 would be great for that application
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    Land Surveying

    They use metal detectors to locate existing monuments, then use the plat or legal description and some math to set the missing corners using their surveying instruments.
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    Land Surveying

    You need a boundary survey. Have your deed with the legal description ready. The cost varies by region, terrain, and difficulty in researching. Source: I'm a professional land surveyor
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    Grilling Brats

    Charcoal grilling brats is my favorite, but broiling is easier.
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    diesel engine knock on cold start goes away after like 3 minutes

    I've got a 1958 diesel tractor with an exhaust manifold leak. It sounds terrible until it warms up, at which point the exhaust no longer leaks.
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    NAPA GOLD 1516 Cut Open

    When did they go away from the coil spring?
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    240 six cylinder with a 4 speed
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    Any Members With Classic/Muscle Cars?

    Screen name says it all
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    Wait, Whats this? 2021 Trail125 ABS

    I think they'll sell very well. The old Trail 90's were very popular.