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    What lube for brake pads will be long lasting and still be there when doing next brake job?

    I know everyone has their favorite brake lubes, but which ones last the longest? I use and like 3m Silicone Paste for slider pins, but what is the best brake pad lube for metal-to-metal contact? I'm looking for something that will lubricate well and prevent noisy brakes, of course, but most...
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    Any place to buy a quart of cheap 2-cycle oil?

    I'd like to buy a cheap quart of 2-cycle oil for my leaf blower, chainsaw and other lawn equipment. Don't really care about the brand name. But it seems most stores sell the smaller bottles, which end up being expensive, or they sell the expensive brands. I did find that Menard's (I'm in...
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    What lubes do brake manufacturers recommend?

    I'm getting ready to do my first front brake job on my Camry. I've been studying up on what lubes I need and it seems there's no general consensus on what you need, other than a silicone lubricant, high-temp brake grease and brake cleaner. Many say to use anti seize or anti squeal lubes, and...