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    Wal*Mart to the rescue

    Nephew has that "new" used Volvo. We already changed the PSF and the air filter and located the sticker indicating the timing belt was done 10k ago. With a bottle of ARX sitting here and cold temps too, it's time for a change after 3 weeks of ownership. He works in the same town where I have my...
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    ATF+4 for Honda Z-1 service

    I've hinted about this in other threads, but want to get down to business on this issue. Would I be incorrect to recall ATF+4 as a synthetic FM ATF? How similar to Z1 in the spectrum of frictional properties? I was thinking of a reference thread putting the various ATFs in order of least to most...
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    Ultimate Factories: BMW 12am NGC Channel

    The one on Ferrari was good. Now a BMW factory tour.
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    Oil cooler bypass

    The old 1991 100 I-5 I sold to my friend has a leaking oil cooler. Oil temps never get above 80c so I want to get rid of this thing rather than replace it. It is connected with approx 3/4" braided flex hose and I don't know what the connectors are. Anyone have any idea what type thread and size...
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    Can Linux resurrect labtop w/corrupted registry?

    I have a handy-down labtop I'd like to use at my 2nd residence w/dial-up. WIN 98 and registry is corrupted with internet redirects etc. I can get online, but pop-ups keep-a-comin. All I want is Earthlink and IE. Can I erase the HD and use Linux? A few basic tips might get me in the right...
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    "Deep Fried Diesel" on SCI Channel

    good diy 11/25 3 pm EST 11/26 10:30 pm 11/27 10:30 am
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    Technique for ARX in Honda trans?

    I ordered a bottle for the Honda. 12oz. ARX site says to change the trans filter, I ain't got none. 1998 CRV auto4 120k. Had many exchanges since we got it at 85k. Curently on 50% Mobil 1, 25% Z1 and 25% AMSoil, fresh. I'm thinking... Add 4oz ARX and drive 1000-1500mi and drain. Refill 3q of...
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    So, Saab switched from G-05 to Dexcool?

    That's what this chart says, or is it just substituting G-05 for VW G-11-ish/conventional type or am I wrong thinking of G-11 as conventional? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Thinking about Auto-Rx in the Honda trans

    120k, had a few services and never a problen until now. Some shifts are smooth, but some are rough and it even hunts for gears. Thinking about Auto-Rx with a series of Dexron drains. I see the ARX site calls for a complete exchange and even talks about a trans filter. I ain't got no filter...
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    Advice on used Volvo purchase

    Looking at used Volvos for my nephew. He's 19 and likes not American and non Asian car, but can't really deal well with the glitchyness of late model Audis or BMWs. He drives long distances, is tall, young and sort of beats on his cars. We decided on the 8-Fiddy/S70, the ones I've worked on...
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    Hard shifting in the old CRV w/M1+LG

    The M1 seemed ok so 6 mo ago I did a 2nd d&f plus LG Red. Out of the blue, the trans is sticky and shifting hard. Does the LG wear out? Anyway, I tossed in the 1000 miles used AMSoil+Z1 that came out of my Accord. What could cause the hard shifting? Can I wait 6 months to do the next fresh...
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    Cost for dealer to reset CEL

    excuse my typing. I went into the dealer for inspection of the 1998 CRV and the re-occuring cel issue. I already knew the code WAS for oxy xensor and replaced both. I got my good mpg back and was ok with it except that the light was on and I figured let the dealer try to see if there was...
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    Location of idle air control valve. Honda B-Series

    I may have a stuck one on the CRV, gummed from a throttle body cleaning. Dealer service rep agrees, but stopped short of showing it to me. I'm going in for inspection monday and wanted to tweek it myself first to save a few $, plus pass inspection. Anybody know or have a reference link?
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    If 5w-20 is so good, why do HP variants use 5w-30?

    I'm generally up to speed on 5w-20. (pun intended) However, I have a Acura TSX loaner with the HP 2.4l (205 hp) and the cap calls for 5w-30. My Accord with the same build 2.4, (170hp) just (possibly) more compression or exhaust v-tech or boosted FI/SI mapping wears great on 5w-20. Now, if 5w-20...
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    Dude, where's my gasket?

    I popped on a Fram TG and filled my car with a $10 Havoline jug just to have it spray out all over the road and engine bay when I started. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> I took the filter back off to notice the gasket was gone...found it still in the box. Whoops...
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    New Honda Dual-Pump Fluid II

    I'm putting it in over the next few days. Here is the part number so people can find it easily. H08200-9007 Dealer is charging $11.25 Last service was 25k ago with the old stuff.
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    Should I re-use my corroded caliper cyl piston?

    I have them apart and the usual rust and pitting was present. I cleaned and smoothed it and basicly runined it by changing the shape of the piston a hair. Should I just slap it together with new seals and test it or bag it altogether for rebuilds at $50 each? I don't care if I have to replace...
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    Support the Rabid

    I'd just like to help raise awareness and support those who are affected by this terrible disease. Thank you. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/drool.gif" alt="" />
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    New car speced for 87 runs better on 93...why?

    It's the 2.4l in my new Accord. iirc, it's 10:1 and def calls for 87. I used mostly 89 so far, because it was running better then 87...fair enough. I snagged a good deal on Exxon 93, so went w/ a full tank. I know 93 burns slower, driving the piston more smoothly, but it has no greater thermal...