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    Need opinions quick

    Truck 2012 f150 3.5 EcoBoost 60,000 miles I heard ford changed to another coolant so I thought I would change as it's time. My truck came with ford specialty orange which to myunderstanding is dexcool. I did a drain and fill only in 2016 and coolant came out clear. What I mean by clear is...
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    Help with oil filter

    I'm having problems finding oil filter alternatives for john deere z930m zero turn with kohler 25 horse motor. Napa crossed my original to 1356 but thread hole is to big. It will screw on but has alot of slack in it. Don't know original filter number but I'm working on it but knew I could get...
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    Opinions on weight

    I have 2011 toyota camry with 4 cylinder and 2016 yukon with 8 cylinder with shut off deal for fuel economy and both state to use 20 wt oil. Im stashed up with 5w 30. I'm thinking 30 wt will be fine in either especially the camry. I don't have any experience with general motors cut off...
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    Disposing of used oil

    Im sure this has been discussed before but where do you take or what do yall do with your used oil. I been taking mine to a guy for years at his mechanic shop and he used it in an oil burning heater. His wife has been sick and he is not around for now and I need to get rid of about 30 gallons.
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    Euro oils bad

    Dropped by autozone for something and noticed a clearance rack as soon as walk in and had pennzoil euro on sale for 2 dallors off. Not much of a sale but guy said really don't need to use this oil unless you have an application for it as he said it could cause harm to seals. I have not heard...
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    Ford and toyota

    2012 ford f150 3.5 boost. Prestone dexcool 50/50 2011 camry 4 cylinder. Valvoline Asian 50/50. Both just drain and refill. Each held about a gallon total.
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    Gasket maker

    Changing rear diff in ford truck. Bought a gasket from advance and guy at counter says to use silicone with gasket on both sides of gasket. Is this really necessary. Why even buy a gasket if you gotta use gasket maker. Guy seems really knowledgeable but idk. What you guys think? Use both, just...
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    15 year old dex cool

    So I decided to drain and refill coolant in 2001 tahoe we have had since around 2002. I thought I had changed this several years back but I don't have any record of it and I keep good records. Never had water pump,coolant leak, or anything for that matter.knock on wood. Only thing different...
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    Change or leave in

    2012 f150 3.5 ecoboost. Itching to change rear diff fluid with 33000 miles. Good bit of towing. What would you do?
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    Steer me

    In the right direction. Starting to look for new family ride. Family of 4 (mom,pop,2 teenagers). Currently have 2001 tahoe that's still great vehicle but wife ready to upgrade. Really want another Tahoe but just too pricey. So probably gonna be looking at crossovers escape,Sante...
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    Honda coolant

    I have a 2007 honda rubicon and I'm gonna change all fluids from front to back and was wondering about the formulation of coolant. I was thinking about using zerox Asian formula but I got a lot of peak amam that I need to use so can use that. Looking for opinions and knowledge on this. Thanks.
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    JD tractor. did I do right?

    I recently changed the coolant in my 2001 diesel JD tractor. 43 horse power small tractor. Out peak conventional that I put in 4 yrs ago when I busted radiator. Coolant came out like new. No discoloration only small amount of rusty stuff from engine block drain. All this removed by several...