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    Engine whine/whistle with acceleration

    Have you checked the alternator? I’ve had one make a whine with acceleration which turned out to be the voltage regulator was on its way out.
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    Self reporting Honda maintenance on service records portal

    Yes. Keep copies of receipts as you state. I print the records to a PDF annually as well.
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    The Fram TG now has a nitrile ADBV?

    Good to know. To be clear, if it lacked an adbv, I would have put it back on the shelf.
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    Can a Californian register this car?

    The rules only apply to CA residents who purchase new non-50 state emissions vehicles. New is defined as < 7500mi (and 2 yrs in other pubs) The OP’s label is a MY 2015, so likely is excluded from this Rule and thus valid for CA residents to register it in CA. If you are not a CA resident, buy...
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    The Fram TG now has a nitrile ADBV?

    I recently bought a TG7317 from WM and it was silicone. It’s used in a bottom mount position (Honda J35), so probably doesn’t matter.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    LOL. And with an extra long wrench to overcrank the drain bolt.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    No clue on JL, but the Splish ‘n Splash where our Pilot was last serviced before we bought it used a Mighty TecSelect filter.
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    Wow, I won’t complain about the $8,100 for the Amana 5ton single stage (ASX16) 16 SEER / 100k btu furnace (80%) I just had installed.
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    Jiffy Lube experience

    I received an invoice from a Valvoline IOC somewhere on the west coast that was misdirected to my email address. It was for a ‘20 Elantra: $92 for the synth oil change , $20 for the COMPLETE FUEL TREATMENT minus $10 coupon: $110 OTD. I’d say you got a deal at the JL!
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    I’m of the same mindset. What size AC unit do you have? Did you top off with R22 or the replacement ‘bluon’? If only $200, guessing it’s not that bad. It’s basically what I did until the compressor was shot. I’m getting a 2nd unit replaced next week (I have 3). It’s only 2.5t but only ~20%...
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    Home HVAC Advice Needed

    I just had a 5 ton Amana single stage A/c and 80% furnace installed. The consistent feedback I get from those in the industry is more complex = higher cost = lower long term reliability/ higher maintenance $$. That and don’t expect to get more than 15 yrs out of today’s units regardless of...
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    Here in TX, I’m ecstatic if I get 4 yrs out of a Costco interstate batt. The heat does a number on them. Unless you are testing them or doing a charge / rest test, there’s little to no warning when they go. I just acquired a Schumacher BT-100 load tester, we’ll see how that goes.
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    Change my oil Before or After road trip?

    Does it have a Maintenance Minder? If so, what is the typical mileage / % oil life when you normally change? At least with ICE-only Honda’s, driving mostly highway miles extends the drain interval. That makes sense. I personally avoid any DIY maintenance over the summer months given how hot it...
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    Subaru o/f drainage-mess

    I just changed the oil for the first time on my daughter’s ‘17 Legacy 2.5i with ~ 101k mi. There was no pooling in the filter housing when I removed the o/f. However, there was a bit of a mess from the oil draining from the drain plug and flowing back into the plastic shield. I had it on front...
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    DHL 757 Skids Off Runway, Breaks In Half Landing In Costa Rica. No Injuries Reported.

    Was it confirmed to be a partial or total hydraulic failure? Someone commented over at the AH:
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    Acura Bluetooth issues

    What trouble shooting have you done? Is your phone’s system software up to date? Clear out any existing pairing attempts in the phone’s BT settings menu and car’s BT history. Then turn BT off/on via your phone’s settings menu and retry. I like to leave the BT settings menu open in the phone...
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    Honda K24 Timing Chain Replacement

    Impressive! Makes me wish I had kept my ‘03 K24…just for a moment
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    Subaru Impreza first oil change - very easy!

    Does it have an FB engine? Not sure if this relates: Post in thread 'Oil Extractor - problems with Subaru Forester?'
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    Can filtered water be used in a humidifier instead of distilled water?

    Thanks. Truth be told, I was comparing to the price at Bed Bath Beyond where I read the package, which is somewhat ironic since they seem to stock nothing now due to their “remodel”. Definitely no filter sale there !
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    Can filtered water be used in a humidifier instead of distilled water?

    I’m curious how long the cartridges effectively last. The packaging said it was only certified for 20 gal ( I think ), but I would not expect the TDS to magically jump at that point. Given the cartridge cost at that interval, it is still cheaper for us to buy DI water jugs.