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    Septic - Float Help

    Sounds to me like you only need one float replaced, though I think they normally sell the on and off as a set. The high water alarm is working.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Edge OLM I totally forgot I didn't post it. It's up.
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    2018 Ford Edge Sport, Amsoil XL 5W-30, 9502 miles

    Third Blackstone run and it's now an annual change (less use). I'll certainly go > 10k next time. The OLM was messing with my head o_O.
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    12% are paying $1,000+ a month for car loans ...

    I'm surprised it's that low. At 5.7% interest rate (quoted from a CNBC column stating that's the average APR on new) over five years and nothing down, that's a $52,000 vehicle. Not overly impressive. Lots of people running around in vehicles in those vehicles these days.
  5. S link and Free App

    You just have to stay away from the lakeshore counties. You can get E0 in Walworth, Rock, and Jefferson.
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    The Drive: California Cop Tickets Stock Hyundai Elantra N for Exhaust Noise.

    I'm not surprised that a poorly worded regulation passed. Does this law apply to Harley owners?
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    Ford PTU pre failure symptoms

    When mine blew on my (work) cruiser, the vehicle still functioned. It stunk like exhaust was coming into the driver's area. My personal vehicle hasn't blown yet, and Ford assures me the fluid doesn't get changed. I don't believe them, but that's what three dealerships have told me.
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    Drivers Slowing Down Excessively Over Bumps

    I'd never make it up a 4" cut without scraping the transmission and exhaust.
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    Prices just keep going up,up,up!

    Yeah, the weekly trips to the grocery store are downright laughable. I like to think I have, now had, a pretty good idea what stuff costs. I don't even know any more. I'd say the grocery bill has gone up at least 30% over the last two years. We're not buying gold plated crackers either.
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    Distilled water to flush different colored coolant - OCD?

    Flush with hose. Fill with distilled. Unless you can find that pre-mixed.
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    My own fault for ever subscribing to SIRIUS

    The service is great. I use a lot of it - sports, music, talk, finance, and news. I just have it on my calendar to call a couple of days before the term is over. I've renewed by text chat a few times recently and it's easy. I've never given them a cc. I'll agree that the cs is horrible and...
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    Displaced Left Turn Crossover Lane

    I watched a video on the DLT and understand it from a safety issue, but not from an efficiency standpoint. The DDT's are really efficient and I now recognize intersections that would benefit from them. Roundabouts are also pretty efficient, but there's so many different designs that you...
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    Walmart gas?

    What are they going to go when it goes over $9.99?
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    91 vs 94

    I always wondered why the premium range is like that. E10 is mandated here and nearly all of the stations are 93. There is one particular brand that is 92. Then when you leave the mandate area, the Premium is E0 91. I've heard of 94, but I don't think I've ever seen it.
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    What would a reasonable gas price be to you?

    $2.00 87 $2.10 89 $2.20 93 That's it. And a cap at $.20/G for taxes.
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    2021 F-150 2.7L EB - M1 5W-30 - 10,040km

    Nice report. That run is certainly influenced by your use of that engine (and you are changing about when you should). I'm running 10kM on mine and my oil still has plenty of life.
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    Powerstop Z36 drilled and slotted 15,000 mile / 1 year update (Sonata)

    Those are on my Sonata too. I think they perform pretty well. Really good value here and I like being able to stop quickly when I need to. Most of my foot stomping is on the right pedal, but when I need the other, I'm confident they'll work.
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    Your favorite malt liquor?

    The number of selections aren't what they used to be, but I'll still occasionally partake in a 40. Brings me back to playing PS2 for an hour+, drinking what amounts to a six pack, and not having to move. Good times.
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    Do you still use checks?

    They used to only take Discover, but they'll take the others now with a surcharge. The last time I renewed a plate, I remembered it was $101 (not $100), so I paid cash. [Now it is $151] Since I don't carry cash, it was kind of a pain. But when I got Real ID, I used a Visa. As for checks...
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    First oil change timing?

    Yeah, off the lot new I changed it the second day I had it. I wasn't screwing around not knowing what was in there.