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    Valvoline Extended Protection 5w30 FA20DIT

    Finally finished breaking in a new 2020 Outback XT with Redline. Decided to try out this new Valvoline formula along with a Fram Ultra. Hope the bypass boogieman doesn't get me! Is my car going to explode? I though someone on here did either a UOA or VOA on the 5w20 or 5w30 but I may be...
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    WIX XP housing seeping at crimp

    So I was under the hood this weekend before taking the XT out on a short jaunt through the mountains when I noticed that the crimp around the oil filter looked wet. Sure enough, wiped it off with a towel and got oil. Same thing when I checked it about half way through the trip, and again once we...
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    Another Subaru thread?

    Yep it sure is! I know, I know, there is a search button, been there done that. I'll just start by saying I am a bit mystified as of why Subaru has suddenly changed oil types for their 2.4L Turbo engines for the Outbacks and Ascents. So, why the oil weight change for the 2.4L FA24DIT vs the...
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    Larger filter for 19 Ram

    Hey all, I've been searching around for information on a larger filter for my 19 Ram. I currently use the suggest size Fram Ultra, but I was wondering if there is something similar that has a bit more capacity to it and fits in the limited space available?
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    19 Ram Rebel oil choices

    Hey all, Very long time lurker here. I finally decided to join up and ask a few questions. I purchased a new Ram Rebel and did my ritual of pulling out the factory oil at 1k and I switched it with Rotella Gas Truck 5w20 and a Fram Ultra filter. I'm about to hit 5k and I was wondering about...