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    Michelin Defender T+H

    Well, After a disappointment with the Continental True Contact Tour, being balanced four times plus road force balancing, they are still a little shaky. I had 30 days for customer satisfaction so I decided to return them and get a set of Michelin Defender T+H, size 205 60 R16 on a mazda 3...
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    Continentals out of balance

    So I decided to buy the Continentals True Contact Tour in a 205 60 16. Had the tires balanced twice from the store I bought them. After that I went to a well known shop for rebalancing and road force balancing. Two tires had a problem, cant be balanced properly. Im going to bring them back...
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    Toyo vs Continentals vs Yokohama vs Pirelli

    Hi, So today I shopped around for so new tires on my Mazda 3. I do 40,000 km ++ a year, tons of highway for work. I'm looking for the best ride possible to soak up bumps and road imperfections (the Mazda 3 has a stiff suspension). A quiet ride is also a must. Here are the top recommendation...
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    Continental TrueContact Tour

    Hi, Im looking for a quiet tire with an excellent ride quality. My Mazda 3 is a bit stiff, so I think a smooth tire that absorbs the road imperfections would improve the ride quality. I do 40,000 km a year, 80% highway, so the ride quality is very important for me, as well as noise. The...
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    Mobil 1 EP 0w20

    Gooday folks, Seems nowadays a lot of cars are using 0w20 oil. I got a 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 extended performance 0w20 for my 2018 Mazda 3 with the 2L Skyactiv. Me and my father always used Castrol Edge/GTX in the past, but for the price what the heck I got that Mobil 1 EP. I read a lot of...
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    5w30 in Skyactiv

    Any of you using 5w30 in a Skyactiv engine? Canada and US spec for 0w20. Would using 5w30 give me problems with my warranty? Thanks!
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    NOAK evaporation and GDI engines

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=xrLNDgrIw3U</a> I was watching this video, and as a owner of a direct injection car, 2018 Mazda 3 that I got brand new, now at 40,000 km, I realized how direct injection is an...
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    Mobil 1 vs Amsoil

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=MVs4ClAHSEo</a> Very interesting to see how Mobil 1 performs compared to Amsoil which is way more expensive. I always loved Mobil 1, might go with Mobil for my next oil change...
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    Who makes Supertech in Canada? w/photo

    Just noticed this new bottle shape at Walmart. Its blended in the USA seems like, and imported here in Canada. Who makes it?
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    Thin 0w20?

    The tendency for thin oils like 0w20, 0w16, 0w12 and 0w8 (which I dont think is even on the market) is more common now. My Mazda 3 specs for 0w20. Most 0w20 viscosity is around 8.6 at 100 degrees. Is there any thinner 0w20? closer to a 0w16? Im curious about it. Thanks!
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    General Altimax Arctic 12 Review

    I bought a set of Generals Altimax Arctic 12 for this winter. My Mazda 3 is really a tank in the snow. Deep and light snow traction is amazing. Didn't get stuck once and I live in Atlantic Canada. I can def compare these with the famous Blizzak WS50 for deep snow tracation. Ice traction is...
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    Regular gas in the Mazda 3

    Gooday folks, I recently posted about fuel economy with regular vs premium gas. This week so far I managed to put 350 km on half a tank of gas, I filled up at a Exxon Mobil gas station with regular 87 octane 10% ethanol. Still have 300 km ish to go. I drove mostly highway, a few stops here...
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    Where are Toyo tires made?

    I was looking into the Toyo Versado Noire, nice tire, but no where I can find where this tire is made. Toyo seems to keep it secret or avoid making it bold. Toyo is originally from Japan. Any of you knows where Toyo tires are made??
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    Mobil 55% more cleansing agent claim

    I just saw a big sign at a Mobil Exxon gas station, claiming 55% more cleansing agent in supreme 91 octane gasoline. Hit the 91 octane button for 55% more cleansing agent, is what it says... How is the customer able to get proofs of this? LOL
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    0w20 for heavy driving?

    Hey folks, My skyactiv 2.0 L requires 0w20 of any brand really. It also says that a 30 weight is acceptable for warmer climate. I drive pretty heavy, passing cars on highway, downshift many times, high revving, etc. Would a 5w30 or in this case a 0w30 would give me a better protection for...
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    Quiet riding tire

    Today I had the recommendation from Tire Rack to go for either the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II and the Continentals PureContact LS in a 205/60/16 tire. They favor the Continentals more between the two. I did had Altimax RT43 before on my 2011 chevy cruze in a similar size. Any...
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    Michelin Crossclimate+

    Hey folks, I was looking at Tire Rack for some Michelin Crossclimate+ 205/60/16 V rated to fit on my 2018 Mazda 3. From the ratings on Tire Rack, those Michelin blows everything else out of the water, extremely highly rated, high performance in basically every aspect. Now since its a real 4...
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    Is premium better for Skyactiv?

    I know this subject has probably been debated many times on here, but there is still many diffrent opinions on this. I drive a 2018 Mazda 3 with the 2.0 Skyactiv engine, automatic 6 speed. Is there any advantange using premium for maybe a better fuel economy, maybe a bit more power? Or to keep...
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    Hi guys, I am commuting 160 km daily, five days a week, only highway. Current fill is 0w20 from the dealership, which I believe her in Canada is Petro Canada 0w20 oil. Is there better oil alternative to squeeze out the max mpg out of my car? I drive conservative for economy. Thanks!
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    What is a "brake service"?

    My Mazda dealership wants me to do a "brake service" at my next oil change. My Mazda 3 2018 only has 25,000 km on the clock. They charge me 200$ for that "brake servicing". What the heck will they do? Lube up calipers pin and put it back in place? Sounds fishy to me. The owners manual only...