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    timeshares lol! who actually buys these things?

    my uncle thats who! my uncle came down a while ago to visit from minnesota. he want to a timeshare walk through on the promise of a free digital camera. well he ended up buying a timeshare! i couldn't believe it. this has got to be one of the worst investments you can make besides cocaine. im...
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    dental insurance !

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> whats up with that, can it really be true that insurance plan makes dental work more costly than just paying out of pocket? i have always payed out of pocket for any dental work i need...
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    motor oil as a lawn fertilizer.

    so check this out. i was reading up on florida fertilizer, came across a uni page which said this. essential nutrients required in very small quantities for turfgrass growth are referred to as 'micronutrients' i.e., iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), boron (B), chlorine (Cl) and...
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    why do RWD use u-joints instead of cv joints?

    was under my f150 today and a thought hit me. why do most rwd cars and trucks use u joints instead of cv joints like fwd does? with cv, rear end pinion angle becomes less of a factor, as does rear end alignment. cv's would probably last longer too. and being that the shaft does not hit extreme...
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    who got the garmin c330 gps?

    since the forum crashed, i think that thread was lost. anyways i just got my c330 today in the mail and i noticed there is an update on the garmin website. i download a firmware update to update my gps from version 5.60 to version 5.70. how to tell you're firmware? press and hold down the clock...
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    you get excited about lubing things?

    the other day i noticed my lawnmowers front end was making a little squeak while moving the lawn. i got all excited at the thought of pulling the front end apart to re grease the axle beam. tonight my box fan started giving that dry bearing sound. it made me giddy to think i could try out my new...
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    yay my first leather interriour. what do i do now?

    so my car originally came with cloth seats and a rubber steering wheel. i found a luxury version of my car in the junkyard and scored the black leather seats front rear and black leather steering wheel out of it. the seats and steering wheel are in great condition, no rips or cracking. they have...
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    happy hallowe'en all

    <img src="">
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    a maintenance list of infrequent infrequent items

    id like to make a list consisting of items NOT commonly found on factory service interval guides. wel all know to change the oil filter and sparkplugs and tyres and alignments. timing belts, etc. but what about things that need periodic maintenance that factory service manuals ignore? i know...
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    why do general sub forums get rearranged randomly?

    atleast i think its randomly. once in a while i log in and the mechanical/maintenance forum is lower on the totem pole than the day before. it seems once in a while someone likes to rearrange the sub forums. im not complaining, im just wondering why. qurious minds would like to know. thanks.
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    anyone watch la ink?

    man i am not a usual watcher of reality shows, but la ink has got me mezmorised. kat is soooo hot. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> whoooooo!
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    how to disable doubleslick, tacoda, etc?

    ever go to a website that uses doubleclick? check out a random website <a href="" target="_blank"></a> if you go there, it adds a second site called doubleclick to the first, so if you press the back button, you must press backwards twice to actually...
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    vaccuum gauge on the air filter box f a house?

    so we all have seen the vaccuum gauges that some cars and most diesel trucks come with. it lets you know when its time to change the air filter. do you guys think it would be worthwhile to install one on the a/c filter box of my house? this way i could leave the house filter in untill it shows a...
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    gut check time fellas.

    ok normally i average 12K a year on my crv and change the oil once a year. this year has been abnormal since my step father has been in the hospital, ive put 12K miles on the crv in 7 months span visiting him. i still have another 4 months to go before my yearly oil change. but im already at 12K...
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    cold weather heater for the oil or the water?

    was wondering which is better to heat with a heater if you are going to be in cold weather?
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    yar matey. we be looking at investing money, again

    ok i looked at that big investment thread, but its just too big to get any usefull info out of. so i traded in all my pirate treasure for greenbacks. i have around 10 grand to invest. i have no debt. no mortgage, no car payments, nothing besides the burden of living and im in a cash sirplus...
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    got um!

    ok, someone stole a can of gas from the side of my house. im just sure it was my neighbours. they done and look the low life type to do that. i got 2 and a half more gallons of gas, put it in a similar can in the same spot as the old one, but this can i put a piddly little wire and mini lock on...
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    thought you guys might get a kick out of this.

    i checked my ebay today and see a question from a user. they asked a very rude question about a shipping price error in one of my listings. obviously im not going to ship a set of wheels out for $3. you cant even send a book for $3, but this person wanted the $3 shipping price as if i was...
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    a single pic of me jumping a 30 foot table top.

    was at l-cross last weekend. they have a nice little motocross track. im still too scared to hit any of the doubles or triples, but i can tear up the table tops. i hit that sucker in 4th gear at midrange rpm and just flyyyy. a 9 year old took this pic on my camera phone. btw, that 9 year old can...
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    whats the story on oil bath wheel bearings?

    ive been eyeballing these conversion kits that convert trailer hubs to oil bath. basically they are simply a nultilipped axle seal, and a clear hubcap with a filler hole. for what you get it seems expensive at prices only starting around $50 per hub, but going way, wayyy up from there. i was...