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    Mercedes Sprinter V6 Diesel Oil ??

    In process of buying a 2010 Sprinter van with the Mercedes V6 diesel engine. I was told by the owner I needed to use Mobil 1 Synthetic Diesel. I have always used Shell Rotella in my other diesel I good ? How about other oils that will work ?
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    What's that crap in my Oil ????

    I have been using Rural King full synthetic oil for several years. It is Dexos approved and I thought it was pretty decent oil. Today I was doing an oil change and this plastic crap came out of the jug...…...hopefully my funnel caught all of it. Seems like pieces of plastic...…..anybody...
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    Push Mower Oil ?

    Bought a push mower to use in Florida. B&S engine 7.25hp Was thinking about using Rotella T-5 syn blend 15-40 for oil changes. Sound good???
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    Help....mixed Hoat with OAT

    I have a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and did an oil change yesterday. I noticed the antifreeze reservoir was a little low so I topped it off. I had a jug of G-05 HOAT and thought that it was the proper antifreeze to use. Today I read that Chrysler switched to a OAT antifreeze and you should not mix...
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    LL-01 certified Oil ???

    2013 Mini Cooper S Just bought it a few months ago and ready to change oil. I was going to use a full synthetic 5w30 or 10w30 oil. In my other cars I use Harvest King full synthetic 5w30 oil but I was told a need a LL-01 certified oil due to the turbo on the motor. Any recommendations ??
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    2 Stroke oil.....What's the difference ??

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in......... I always thought 2 stroke oil was all the same, marine, chains saw, lawn mowers, motorcycle,, weed eaters etc.... What IS the Difference ??
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    2 Stroke oil.....What's the difference ??

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in......... I always thought 2 stroke oil was all the same, marine, chains saw, mowers, motorcycle,, weed eaters etc.... What IS the Difference ??
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    Champion vs NGK Spark Plugs ?? Iridium

    I am going to replace the spark plugs in my 2013 Mini Cooper S I was going to buy the NGK 95770 Iridium plugs at $13.99 ea. and I also saw Champion 9409 Iridium plugs for $6.69, what is the difference ?, are the NGK plugs worth twice as much ?? I also saw a Champion 9412...
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    Mini Cooper oil??

    Pulling the trigger on a 2013 Mini Cooper S. Any other Mini owners out there ........what engine oil are you using?
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    Help....2 cycle oil, Marine 2 stroke oil, ....???

    I thought 2 stroke oil was two stroke oil..............but I read about 2 stroke, 2 cycle, motorcycle 2 stroke oil, Marine 2 stroke oil, 2 cycle chain saw etc, etc.... I have been using Pennzoil Marine semi-synthetic in all my 2 stroke motors.......Outboard motor, chain saw, Lawnboy mower, weed...
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    Oil for flat tappet engine.....2005 Jeep 4.0

    I know this subject has been beat to death, but it seems oil formulas are constantly changing. I have been using QS Defy 10w30 in my Jeep Wrangler with the 4.0 6 cylinder engine, but I read that the ZDDP levels have been lowered. What is a good oil to use in a flat tappet engine?
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    Rural King Oil

    Rural King has Harvest King full synthetic oil on sale for $2.49 qt. Anybody familiar with this oil ?
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    Quick question - what coolant for a 2000 Explorer

    Putting a new thermostat and flush on my son's 2000 Ford Explorer What ant-freeze should I use ?? Owners manual just says Ford Premium Coolant
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    Oil for 2017 Pacifica

    Chrysler says........"We recommend you use API Certified SAE 0W-20 Engine Oil, meeting the requirements of FCA Material Standard MS-6395 such as MOPAR, Pennzoil, and Shell Helix. Refer to your engine oil filler cap for correct SAE grade." I guess Mobile 1 didn't meet the MS-6395 standard. In...
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    Coolant for 2005 Jeep 4.0 after flush

    I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler 4.0. It is going on 10 years old and has 50K miles on it. I figure it is time to flush and replace the coolant. Any suggestions on what would be the best coolant to use?
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    Full Synthetic or Synthetic Blend ???

    For several years I had been using full synthetic oil in my cars. I change oil and filter every 5,000 miles. I now own a 2012 Suburban with 50K miles and a 2015 Equinox with 1K miles. The last couple of changes in the Suburban I switched to QS Synthetic Blend. Since I change oil every 5K...
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    Cartridge Oil Filters ??

    I just purchased a Chevy Equinox that uses the replaceable cartridge oil filter. Are they all made pretty much the same or are some of made with more filter media? Any recommendations?
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    Oil for Riding Mowers

    I have 20 year old Murray 16 HP-B&S single and a 3 year old Cub Cadet 22 HP-Kohler twin. I have always used 15-40 Rotella in my mowers .......from what I have been reading lately it seems a lot of people use 5w-30 in their mowers , but it seems a little thin for an air cooled engine. I just...
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    AC Delco PF61 and PF 63

    Can anyone tell me if AC Delco PF61 and PF63 oil filters are interchangeable?
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    Cleaning 02 Sensor..........any fuel additives?

    The check engine light comes on occasionally on my son's Ford Explorer........the codes say it is an 02 sensor. Is there a fuel additive that would help clean them?