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    Super unleaded RON rating

    This is more of a curiosity. Over here we have standards /regulation for RON rating: regular: 95RON and super 97/98 RON. 95 equates to US 91 (ROM/AKI??) and 97/98 to 93. I do not understand why the standard for super is 97/98 and not one or the other! when it comes to regular (also called...
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    DOT 3, 4 5.1 application

    My 2002 car owners manual of my car specifies DOT 3. Perhaps DOT 4 did not exist yet. Toyota only sells DOT 5.1 and confirms it is suitable for my car (RAV4 2003 with ABS). My local garage uses DOT 4 and said they would not want to use 5.1 that I offered to provide, Toyota or not. Is there a...
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    Mobil 1 ESP/ X3 vs FS 0w-40

    My car (2003) recommend API SL for engine oil. I assume the engine is pre GPF. I have been using Mob 1 0w-40 fully synthetic since new. I have looked at the ESP range because of the slightly different viscocities and availability. I understand that the API hierarchy means that an SN rated oil...
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    interesting insight into what "modern synthetic oil" is

    Over the past couple of years, I have become suspicious of the oil manufacturer's labelling of their "fully synthetic" oil. Came across this youtube discussion with amsoil which shed some light on the subject for me. The biggest take away for me was that they use group III base oil for their...
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    removing moss!

    with my car lining outdoors ll year and our 80~100% humidity and mostly dark climat, there are traces of "moss" growing along the edge of where rubber sealant meets the paintwork and the rubber blades at the bottom of the windows. Not everywhere and not just a greenish surface dust but actual...
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    RAV 4 2003

    The engine oil has been mobil1 FS 0w40 (toyota recommends 5w30) since new and the car has done 86000 miles so I decided to give it a well deserved health check! The oil has been in the engine for one year but only done 3600 miles. The car is left outdoor all year round and does not burn oil...
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    when is fully synthetic is NOT a fully synthetic!

    I have now become totally disollusioned with oil manufacturer with their costant use of "fully synthetic" labels. It appears nearly all the manufacture's in europe mis-using (representing) the term and their oil is a mix of group 3 with 4 or 5. What is worse is they are not honest about it and...
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    anyone uses techron fuel system cleaner?

    this product seems to be recommended by many outlets & dealers over here. I was wondering if any member has had any experience with it on a fuel injected (indirect) petrol engine for daily use?
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    fogging oil spray

    Can this be used for purposes other than engine internal protection for long storage application. What makes it different to the lenkes of WD 40 , duckoil and similar (non silicon) maintenance spray? Ingredients, viscocity??? thanks
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    cleaning the inside of the windscreen

    Any recommendation on products to use; homemade or shop bought? Even after "cleaning" there always seems to be some fogging/ smearing left behing which becomes visible at night and low setting sun. I stopped using regular window cleaner because I don't know how it affects the dashboard vinyl...
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    waxing headlight?

    For normal upkeep, it seems general waxing of (plastic) lens is good in a similar way to the paint. My question is to what extent does the heat from the bulb can have undesirable affects on the wax finish?
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    corrosion inhibitor

    I have come across this product over here which sounds good (in theory) designed to be diluted with water and sprayed on to stop rust. It can be safely applied to brake discs and other metal parts without affecting their performance. But it is not long lasting and is washed away quickly. We...
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    Mixing POA with ESTER

    Are there any negatives mixing these two types of full synthetic oil?
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    any opinions on purflux oil filters for motorcycles?

    I recently noticed that the "OEM" honda filter for my bike, although packaged in the usual honda box with OEM part number, was in fact a purflux made in france! It looks like honda switch suppliers in the past year or so. So has anyone used their filter and what's your opinion? thanks
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    OBD tool

    any do's and don'ts? I am thinking of getting one for the car (OBD2) not fussy about hanheld or smartphone dongle type. Am I right in thinking there are 2 options: reader and scanner. The latter being more expensive. Which functions should I look out for. I would need test & diag of the...
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    snow foam

    anyone using snow foam pre-wash with a pressurised hand pump? Which product works for you?
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    viscocity modifier

    I am aware of the product being added to mineral oil to widen the temperature viscocity range of the base oil. But not sure what the situation with full synthetic oild is. <img src="/forums/graemlins/confused2.gif" alt="???" title="???" height="22" width="15" /> Do they still have these added...
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    Contaminated fuel from fuel stations

    There's a new issue emerging where water (& other contaminant) have damaged car engines after fuelling up. There's always a good chance of some moisture at the bottom of car or station fuel tanks but this seems to have got worse since the ethanol has been added. Living in the land of wind&...
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    micro fiber cloth

    How would one choose one and what makes one better than other. Assuming the same size cloth: weight of the cloth softness or???
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    vavoline syncpower 4T

    has anyone had any experience with VALVOLINE SYNPOWER 4T 10W-50?