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    Can I use 20 year old Red Line oil?

    I have 8 quarts of SAE 20W50 High Performance Motor Oil (all synthetic formula) left over from a 12 quart case I purchased from Red Line about 20 years ago. The label shows it meets API SG/SG/SF/CC/CD/CE. These bottles have been stored in non-climate controlled garages and pole buildings in MI...
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    Oil for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    I just purchased a 3000 mile pre-owned '21 Himalayan (413cc air cooled single cylinder thumper with air to oil cooler). The manual states to use synthetic blend 15W50. About two years ago I bought a bunch of the Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 full synthetic that were on sale with big rebates (I think they...
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    What's the advantage of 5W & 10W over 0W?

    It's been quite awhile since I've been on this site and even longer since I posted. I got the "oil bug" tonight and I'm trying to learn. I've done a search on this site for the answer to my question and I'm frankly shocked that I didn't find a thread covering it. Maybe I didn't do the proper...
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    OW40 vs 5W40 in Maverick Trail 1000

    My '18 Can Am Maverick Trail 1000 calls for either BRP brand oil or 5W40 synthetic automotive (API-SN) oil. Why would I not go with 0W40 to get the advantage of faster "cold start" circulation to the moving parts? I live in MI and ride in temps from 30-90F. I will be changing my oil every 50...