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    What's your go to interior protectant/dressing?

    If you like 'The Shiny' you should try CarPro Perl. Undiluted it was too glossy for me. Diluted 1:1 was a bit better. Various uses both interior and exterior. Water-based, UV Inhibitors and dilute depending on your use. One negative is it is not typically available at your local store.
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    Batman and Star Trek….

    Lee Meriwether
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    Gas pumping question when no trigger locks on pump

    Oregon is the other state with no self serve... kind of. It depends on the county, time of day, and other convoluted rules.
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    Amazon Accuracy

    I've run into inaccuracies everywhere, even with the manufacturer on occasion. I usually cross-check between at least three different sources before making a decision.
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    hand sprayer leaking from bottom

    I have the Solo brand handheld sprayer that is over 10 years old. Have never had a problem.
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    I found a WWII movie for yinz to watch.

    I remember watching the movie when it came out. I thought it would be dull and boring but it was good. Another good book on the subject is The Codebreakers by David Kahn. Dry but interesting reading.
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    Driveshaft Spline Grease

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Motorcraft XG8
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    What makes music CD-Rs go bad?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by vavavroom</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim have been reliable for me. I've had cheap CD-R and DVD-R discs go bad within 5 years. Proper storage makes a huge difference. </div></div> Verbatim AZO...
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    What makes music CD-Rs go bad?

    When you record information onto a CDR the laser is changing the reflective dye layer used for recording the information. The dye layer degrades due to age and storage conditions. Certain types of dyes are more stable than others so the information on your higher end CDR will last longer. The...
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    heavy guage wire strippers?

    Search for cable sheath stripper/cutter. The tool scores the outside jacket so it can be pulled off.
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    Best ear plugs for concerts,clubs?

    A friend recommended Alpine MusicSafe plug that weren't bad, but I ended up with Earasers. For me the Earasers were more comfortable didn't sound quite as muffled. The first big test was right up against a speaker at an Iron Maidens concert and they performed well.
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    Brake Friction Code List

    Go to the source. <a href="" title="httpsamecaorgwpcontentuploads201911AMECAListofVESCV3BrakeFrictionMaterialEdgeCodesNovember82019pdf"...
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    VP Racing fuel retail stores

    We have one here, but I don't know if it's ethanol free.
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    Dyna-Maxx Lube Concentrate. Antimony?

    Made by RLI. Likely their Bio-SynXtra.
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    Best 1-2 Gallon Sprayer?

    For plastic tank check out Solo brand. Mine is a good 15yrs old. Repair kits are also available.
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    Stuck brake drum

    Not sure how the Honda drums are set up, but if they are anything like the 87 Subaru wagon I worked on you might be able to use a large gear puller. I removed the brake shoe hold down pins and used the large gear puller from Harbor Freight to pull the drum.
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    Ford Spec WSS-M1C267-A1 Grease

    <a href="" target="_blank">Mobil Ronex MP</a> shows as meeting that spec.
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    92 f150 intermittent blower issue

    Pretty common problem on Fords of that time frame. Usual culprit is the ignition switch. The switch starts to separate and loose some of its electrical connections. One of the first symptoms is the blower acting up. You can inspect the switch by removing the steering column cover and look for a...
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    Stuff floating in oil additive...

    Pick up a box of the fine mesh paint strainers from Harbor Freight. These are paper funnels with nylon mesh at the bottom. A box of 100 is less than $5.
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    Removing Broken Bathtub Drain

    Internal pipe wrench unless there is some way to remove the broken part from underneath.