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    Oil catch can

    Any opinions on installing an oil catch can on my 2015 Accent GDI? I've been reading a lot from various sites/forums and most recommend them, but they are all Hyundai/Kia enthusiasts and "drink from the same fountain". Any thoughts from the BITOGers?
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    New Accent Sport

    I will spare you all the ridiculous dealership shenanigans that took nearly a week and 3 different locations, and just let you all know I got a 2015 Hyundai Accent Sport 6MT this past week. It is a great little ride! More room than the Fiesta, outstanding warranty, decent HP, nice engine note...
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    The Evolution of Vehicular Needs

    Good afternoon (ladies? &) Gentlemen, I am in the middle of my "out of the Navy" road trip across America, towing my 22 foot travel trailer with my 1996 big block Suburban. When I return from my trip (back to Houston, TX) I will start law school, complete with a 40 mile per day commute...
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    Suburban 454 Issues

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I've been very busy lately transitioning from active duty USN to the reserves... I have to say, the "freedom" is nice, but I'm getting bored! (Un)fortunately, my 1996 Suburban 454 has been keeping me busy. No CEL, no codes stored. Once warmed up/in closed...
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    Wipe New

    I'm an idiot and didn't take any before pictures, but imagine very foggy, ugly, 18 year old headlights. The same for the tails, which were actually worse (probably because of the red background making the oxidation really stand out). Followed the Wipe New directions and voilà! They look...
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    My vehicles

    Good morning BITOG, New here and thought I'd put my vehicles out there for the lurkers and posters to check out. Nothing too special, but I like them! Hopefully when you see them my username will make a little sense...otherwise it sounds like pig latin for something inappropriate. 1st: 1996...