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    Engine cutaway art

    Anyone got a good place for this stuff? I’d like to find frame able or pre-framed prints of GM diesel engines, especially the latest duramax. My google fu isn’t turning up much.
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    OEM scanner for duramax l5p

    Hey guys, just what the title says. I’ve had Ford OEM tools but I just bought a 2017 duramax. What is the correct tool the dealer uses for glow plug programming, etc.? I’m not in a hurry, this is the first GM I’ve owned since ‘93, lots of warranty coverage left. The tool dealers I’ve checked...
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    Engine nerds

    If I did this right the pic should be attached. How cool is a glow engine with electric start, alternator, and water cooling? <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]"...
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    Catastrophic ecodiesel failure

    Happened last week. I was on my way to work and got the dreaded "service electronic throttle" message . 2015 ecodiesel with 41,000 miles. I limped it to the dealer after stalling with limited power . I had the dealer do the fuel filters for my own protection knowing the history of cp4 pumps...
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    Ge porta color

    I just picked up one of these old color sets just because I love tube gear. It's been restored and I have a donor set for spare parts if needed. I'm looking for factory service manuals or photo facts but haven't found much available online. If anyone has the literature stashed away, I'll pay a...
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    cummins no crank 911 HELP!

    I have a 2007 ram with the 5.9L diesel, manual transmission. It left me stranded in a parking lot, will not crank over. My batteries are good. I had to make do with what I could find on hand since I was away from home. I tried jumpering the clutch pedal position switch, the starter solenoid...
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    vacuum tube stereo

    I've got a vintage GE tube stereo amplifier G7600 and I know there's a few audiophiles floating around here. Any recommendations on where to send it for full restoration (excluding cosmetics)? It's working, but the pots need some serious cleaning. I'd like to replace the caps and rectifier...
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    weedeater one we261

    Just inherited the above riding mower from my dearly departed dad with a briggs 875 series engine. Yes, I've seen the bad reviews along with the good. All the tires are flat and I need to order a replacement pin for the deck. I'll get to that, but my biggest gripe is that it won't run on its...
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    Reloading shotshells

    Anyone doing it? I reload metallic and I'm thinking about doing the 12 gauge too, but don't know squat about it. How much of a hassle is it vs. pistol cartridges? Most of my powders are dual use, so I just need the press and shell components.
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    Anyone here like it? I CAN'T STOP eating their cheddar bricks since my local joint started carrying it. Goodbye kraft and black diamond canadian. Wish I could get their shredded stuff for tacos.
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    self ballasted bulb problem

    I figured someone here would know the answer: I bought a self-ballasted mercury vapor bulb to try saving a memorial plant that is very important to me. It's a 100w bulb meant to be used for plants or animals needing UVA and UVB in addition to heat. My plant wasn't doing so hot with these...
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    Mauser broomhandle

    C96 lover's, show yourselves please!! I had one in my youth that I had to part with for financial sake (a different decade, ok-maybe a <span style="font-style: italic">wee </span> bit more). I just got a bolo with decent bore and matching numbers off of gunbroker for a decent price. <img...
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    toro 826 transmission trouble

    Help! Converted this thing with a dead motor to diesel, and had the local shop diagnose and repair a pre-existing chain throwing issue. It worked great when I got it back, but I backed it up a set of ramps to bolt the bottom cover back on, and now it's stuck in reverse. The model/serial plate...
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    ih/cub cadet 105 hydro

    I finally found my platform for my diesel repower project... $168 on evilbay (deck included), and it's in good looking unrestored shape for its age. The original engine runs but has bad rings, and smokes. I'll be retrofitting a 10hp yanmar clone on it. Any collectors here, please tell me the...
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    Kubota genset filters

    Can anyone here point me in the right direction for kubota generator filters? I have the three cylinder diesel GL11000. I've got cross reference numbers covered for oil filters, but the air and fuel filters appear to be factory only items, and the internet is for once no help on an issue. I...
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    diesel mower repower

    As some of you here may know, I recently converted a toro self propelled snowblower to diesel power using a 6hp yanmar clone. It went reasonably smooth, although I have some drive chain throwing issues to work out. The offerings on ebay and elsewhere have been dwindling, I'm assuming thanks to...
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    toro repower

    I've had a yanmar diesel clone sitting in my garage, with the intention of doing a riding mower repower. Thanks to the recent blizzard, I decided to use the engine for a snowblower project instead. My little yard machines single stage wasn't cutting it. I picked up a toro 8/26 self-propelled...
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    transfer panel help

    I've slowly but surely been acquiring everything I need to create a whole house backup system in case of on-grid failure. Got an appropriately rated 3 cylinder diesel generator and inlet box, matching cs6365 cord with a high enough wattage rating, and my certified electrician buddy is ready to...
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    Question for the railroad buffs...

    I was couch ridden with a cold last night, so I dug out my dvd of "silver streak" to keep me busy, one of my richard pryor favorites (ironically, the female lead jill clayburgh passed on today). What type and configuration of diesel powered that loco, and what kind of power did it make? I...
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    yanmar clones

    Got bored one night, so just for the heck of it, I posted a lowball offer on ebay for one of the single cylinder chinese diesel yanmar clones. I unexpectedly got it, 6.5hp w/horizontal shaft, and it's now sitting in my garage. Seems to be a good runner, with the only quality issue being the...