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    What is considered Modern Engine?

    Serious question, that maybe subjective. *Define Modern Engine: I'm always reading about modern engines in various contexts, mostly on BITOG. Did modern engines begin with fuel injectors? 1990's (20th century) or 2000's (21st century) or earlier? Opinions appreciated!
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    Date code 5 Q Chevron location?

    I recently purchased a case of Chevron 5 quart motor oil. I am unable to locate any date code. The quart bottle has them. Any ideas or suggestions? Ty PS: This oil is nearly clear....
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    Tried to purchase a group 75 Interstate Battery at Costco for an Anniversary 1993 Corvette. I went to Interstate's website and found the correct battery application. Went to Costco and was told that they don't stock it nor can they order it. I went to the local Interstate Battery Dealer and...
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    10W40 SN + rated question?

    Will 10W40 oil be SN + rated? I believe Mobil already made the move. Not sure of the parameters. Ty
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    BITOG Test Levels 1-4

    Good morning! I was just thinking about BITOG education. How about for the diehard fans, a series of tiered level tests? Start at level 4 to level 1 for beginners in group C. Then work your way to level A? You read a section already on BITOG and take a series of multiple choice test? This...
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    Sharing science/knowledge vs Proprietary $ecret

    I was taught to always read and continue to educate myself. I respect knowledge, research, and Academia. I have a great admiration for people with PHD's and for those without college degrees. Having learned a great deal from varying disciplines. Many years ago, I read a book about sharing...
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    Chevron Supreme synthetic oil? What happened?

    I've been reading some of the archives from 02/03 and people discussing Chevron Supreme synthetic 5W30 and 10W30. Why was is take off the market? Or changed to another name? There are multiple threads referring to this oil as synthetic, so it's not a typo? Although, I was young, I remember...
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    Do modern oils clean Piston Rings?

    Do modern engine oil clean (SN) Piston Rings? Also, do synthetic oils do a better job at cleaning rings? Thank you!
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    Volkswagen Amarok

    <a href="" target="_blank">Volkwagen Amarok pickup</a>. This looks pretty neat. I doubt it will ever be sold in North America.
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    Fram Ultra now has coil spring?

    Does the Fram Ultra now have coil springs? According to <a href="" target="_blank">Fram website</a> the Ultra has a coil spring. I looked for a citation to a particle model and there is none. I know...
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    IdeMitsu T-shirt,bag, pen-free customer service

    A couple days ago I was perusing the internet for IdeMitsu oil and discovered a spelling error. I kindly sent an e-mail to customer service and received a quick reply. The rep stated that she would like to send me a T-shirt as a token of their appreciation. I sent her my address and size...
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    Viscosity Index explained by (OG)

    Viscosity Index: by <a href="" target="_blank">Bobistheoilguy (The man himself)</a> "Temperature is a major factor when discussing viscosity of an oil. Visc has an inverse relationship with temperature...
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    CIA technology 50 years ahead of current technology

    Several years ago, a friend who is a distinguished Professor told me that the Central Intelligence Agency's technology is fifty years ahead of current tech. What are your thoughts?
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    Yahoo IP address can't be found?

    Yahoo website is down? This site can't be reached's server IP address could not be found. Try running Connectivity Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
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    Recommend synthetic friction modifier?

    To all intellectuals. What is a good synthetic friction modifier? My bud has a 06 FJ cruiser. For some 4x4 events planned. His FJ is hard on oil.
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    Who manufactures Amsoil oil?

    I noticed on the label: "Formulated, blended, and packaged in the USA." Who manufactures the base oil and additives? I like Amsoil. But, who makes it? Why do our pics become horizontal when posting?
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    Organic Friction Modifiers

    <a href="" target="_blank">Organic Friction Modifiers</a> predicted to rise until 2022! This article is a year old, but it makes sense.
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    Longest time in use for synthetic oil filter?

    What is the longest time have you used a synthetic oil filter? Not miles. I went just over two years on a Fram Ultra. C&P showed it was fine of course. I recall someone going 3 years. But, that was the longest. Ty
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    List motor oils based viscosity index?

    Is there a current list of motor oils based on Viscosity Index? I hope that question makes sense. Thank you!