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    Residual Heat (REST) on MB cars

    Just bought a 2003 MB CLK320 (88k miles) for a commuter car. Better than my suburban on gas. Small car, but comfy seats. Has a cool feature on the climate control. Button labeled REST. It's a residual heat function that turns on a small electric cooling pump (I think) and runs the hvac fan...
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    Used Kia Optima with factory new engine - good buy?

    Looking at getting a 2nd vehicle, commuter. Found a 2012 Optima with the recall done, new engine. 25k miles on new engine, 120k ish miles on the car. Question... Are the replacement engines good, or do they too have problems?
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    Bulletin No.14515B GM electrical issues recall

    This recall notice affects my 2013 suburban. I have the RPO code JL1 controls as noted by the bulletin. I have some of the symptoms listed such as check brake controller, loss of HVAC controls and display in which no buttons will work. However, and says no active...
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    Pressuer Washer Pump Oil 15w-40

    Just picked up a used Dewalt DXPW3425 pressure washer on Craigslist. Gonna change the oil in the Pump and engine. For the pump, online manual recommends Simpson Oil for the AAA pump (8.7GA12), or 15w-40 if simpson is not available. Pump plate just states 15w-40. Will any 15w-40 work? There...
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    Dexron HP recommend for GM power steering

    Was perusing the web for info about a remedy for my P/S whine in my 2013 Suburban . Getting lost in the weeds about which fluid, etc. etc. Came across a TSB (service bulletin) from GM "SB-10052379-4090" Says to flush and replace with Dexron HP for power steering cold weather. "Flush the...
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    Air flow around radiator,,, physics question

    Just got a 2013 suburban. I noticed the sides of the radiator had rubber flaps(air dams?) that have deteriorated and are not in place. This creates a gap about 4" wide and 14"tall at each side of the radiator. Thus allowing some air to enter engine compartment at the sides of and not through...
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    Strange Phenomenon with a strong tail wind at idle

    While waiting in a vehicle line idling for about 45 minutes (for the city dump) car started running hot, 230 degrees, AC working poorly, barely cooling the air. I turned off ac. Slowly cooled back to normal 210. New cooling system, always runs 210 no matter what. AC can freeze a side of beef...
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    UOA, Havoline Pro DS syn

    I thought I might have had a cracked head leaking coolant into the crankcase so I got an analasys. No issues with heads, all was good. Not too many miles on the oil, just under 2000 miles, but here it is.
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    Anxiously awaiting analysis report

    Recently found I was about 10-12oz or so low on coolant. Searched all over but could not find a leak. I began to think my 03 suburban was plagued by the dreaded cracked head which apparently leaks into an oil passage.?. So I ordered a Blackstone kit with TBN confident they can let me know...
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    Radiator with EOC question (2019

    I'll be replacing the radiator on my 03 suburban. RA's website has a Denso for a reasonable price, but it includes the EOC. My rig is not EOC equipped. EOC- Engine OIL Cooler Mine specs the 1" thick core, 34" wide. Though the actual measurements on the 1" radiators core range from 7/8" to...
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    4L60E fluid change and upgrade (June 2019)

    I have an 03 Suburban I recently purchased. I'd like to change the trans fluid and put in Dex 6 (Dexron VI) The fluid in there now is redish/brownish color. 155k miles. Walmart seems to have discontinued their Supertech Decron VI. So I'm not finding a cheap Dex 6. So should I exchange with...
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    Prestone PS fluid not on the Cardone Approved List

    I replaced my PS pump about 18 months ago with a rebuilt from O'reilly' along with all new hoses. Drained the cooler and gearbox. Flushed with new prestone PS fluid. This past few months, there was a lot of noise on very cold mornings for a few seconds after startup. This past weekend, the...
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    Constant 20 psi oil pressure in 01 GC 4.0l

    My son has an 01 Grand Cherokee with the 4.0l, 130k miles. We've had a bit of engine trouble lately and I just paid $600 in engine work, cps, injecors, plugs... I usually don't drive it, but today I noticed the engine oil pressure gauge takes about 6-8 seconds to reach 20 PSI. Running Rotella...
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    Primewell Tires vs. Laufenn

    So my truck has 260k miles and I need some new tires. I have always been a believer in getting good tires. However, I fear this next set of tires will outlast my time with the truck. Probably going to get a newer one in 18 months. I used to sell tires (briefly) Firestone whom also sells...
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    old video, but amusing none the less

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    How many miles before I have an analysis done?

    I have a 96 GMC K2500 5.7L with 260K miles. I wanted to have an analysis done just to see what's happening. I don't plan on frequent samples, unless there is an issue. Just curious. Really hoping to get to 300K <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="grin" title="grin" height="15"...
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    RP 75-140 is Black within 1200 miles- am I OK?

    06 mariner hybrid, 54k miles. Has PTU, power transfer unit (I think it is like a transfer case for AWD) Required 75w-140 gear oil I changed the oil about 1200 miles ago. The old oil came out brown with what seemed like powdered sparkles (metal) in it. Not too bad though, I have seen worse...
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    Oil additive benefits for 5W-20?

    I have a Mercury Mariner Hybrid that requires 5w-20 oil. It has 55k miles and I have owned it for the past 10k of those miles. I run synthetic (currently Valvoline SynPower) While on a trip, I encountered headwinds of 50+mph. To maintain speed, the RPM was 4500-6000 RPM for most of the 350...