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    2016 Lexus RX350 Oil Change change

    Changing the oil in my 2016 RX350 for the second time since I've owned it. First OC I used M1 0W-20 Advanced Fuel Economy and a Toyota OEM filter. This time around I'm going with PP and a Super Tech filter. I think it's pretty much all the same with 6000-7500 mile OCI. Just changed the oil in...
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    TW Ceramic Spray First Time

    Washed and dried my wife's Lexus ES350 today since it was sunny, dry, cooler and breezy. After drying I decided to try the new bottle of TW Ceramic Hybrid spray. The car is Lexus Nightfall Mica , which is more or less a sapphire blue metallic. While the beading may be spectacular and it may...
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    Tire choice 2016 Lexus es 350

    Think I narrowed it down to two choices : Hankook KINERGY PT - SIZE: 215/55R17 KUMHO ECSTA PA51 SL 215/55ZR-17 Approximately the same price within $20-$30 total for 4. Both are priced well at Tire Rack plus I save $40 on delivery and pay no sales tax by picking them up from the warehouse...
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    Alcohol In Dry gas

    What type of alcohol and what percentage by volume is it? I'm talking about Heet or similar gas line anti freeze.
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    New TV Audio Question

    Been looking at some of the new TVs and various deals as of late. I have come to really like the Roku Smart platform. The TCLs and Hisense Roku TVs in either 65" or 75" seem excellent. The problem/question I have is how do you connect to a home theater receiver if the TV has no dig optical or...
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    Simoniz Ceramic Spray Wax

    Found this at the local Ollie's for $8. Bought two. It is very good stuff.
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    Newer Spray Wax Performance in Colder weather

    Are there any negatives to using the newer Spray Wax products in Colder weather? I'm thinking of TW SnS and the new TW Hybrid ceramic line when you're car is clean but it's 35 deg or so and sunny.
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    Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic

    I pulled the trigger on a bottle from Amazon...$15.40+tax. I read and see nothing but good things about it. We shall see.
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    West Coast Customs Interior Detailer

    I like keeping a few car care basics in the rear of my car... which currently is a recently purchased 2016 Lexus RX350. Usually a decent spray wax( currently TW Ice) , some glass cleaner and something to clean and/or treat leather/ vinyl surfaces and a few clean MF cloths. I put a green bottle...
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    Lexus RX350

    Anyone own one and what year and how do you like it?
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    How wet for TW Seal&Shine?

    I've got my own drill down for washing and waxing our cars: Hose off car Mix car wash soap dujour in the bottle of the Carrand fake foam cannon. Right now I'm going through a gallon of TW Zip wash. Not the best, but works just fine. I foam the entire car top to bottom with the fake foam gun. I...
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    Recommend oil for 2009 Forf Edge

    My car is coming up on 104000 miles. I've used 5w-20 Dino, syn blend and full synthetic as well as FS high mileage. I generally use the Motorcraft FL500S filter. Ford specs 5w-20. I have a jug of ST 5w-20 FS HM on deck but I was considering to go with 0W-20 and a SuperTech filter for my...
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    Choices-Decisions St or QSUD

    I finally found where to recycle used oil near where we moved. I had accumulated about 5-6 oil changes on our three cars and the container was full. I've been doing 6000 mile OCI with Super Tech 5w-20 FS. I switched to ST FS about two OCIs ago. Have been using Motorcraft FL500S filters. This...
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    What kind of oil does Carmax use?

    The vehicle had been cleaned and prepped and I could see the oil was new and clean and remains so given the miles driven so far. The OCI and service intervals have all been reset to 10K. Car is a 2016 Lexus Es 350 23K at time of purchase. Do they use bulk Dino, synthetic blend? Full syn?
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    Ford/Lincoln Power Transfer Unit Service-Valvoline

    I have a 2009 Lincoln MKX. I love it but the weak link and huge under engineering blunder by Ford on mine and several other Ford models is the PTU being esse sealed. It has a fill plug but no drain. I had mine serviced about a year ago as it was leaking. My mechanic flushed, filled and installed...
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    Buying a 2013 or 2014 Mercedes E-350...Change my mind

    Time for a replacement for my wife's 14 year old Saab 9-5 Aero which has served us well. Am looking at 2012-2014 MB E-350 sedans with under 50k on them. We are outside of Philly and it's a target rich environment for them. Plenty to pick from under $25K. Why should I not get one ?
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    Toshiba Satellite Laptop Running...Crawling slowly

    I have Toshiba Satellite 15.6" with AN AM 1.4 ghz processor...4 gigs of RAM...rarely used I bought it when Windows 8 was winding down and you could upgrade to Windows 10 as part of the say 2015 or so. Still looks new. I did the Windows 10 upgrade as soon as it was released. I have...
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    Leather treatment and frequency

    I have tried several readily available leather treatment products: Lexol, Armor-All, Surf City Garage, Meguiar's Gold Class. So far, Meguiar's Gold Class is hands down the best. That's not to say the others are bad. My question is what do other folks like and how often do you treat your leather...
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    Current ammo prices

    I've been eyeballing ammo prices for the calibers that I own. Some decent deals to be found, Even at the local Walmart. I don't think Remington. 22lr for $30 for 525 rounds is that great. But a 200 round box of .45 ACP aluminum case isn't bad and $8.24/box for 9mm aluminum case is pretty good...